What’s New In The Latest iOS 11?

    So, there is a lot of excitement and talk around about the latest iOS 11 announced by Apple at the WWDC 2017. If you are also excited to find out more about latest iOS, here we have compiled a list of all new features and their descriptions.

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    What’s New In iOS 11?

    Let’s discuss all the new features of the iOS 11 in detail.

    1. Messages

    What’s New In iOS 11

    iOS 10 came with new Apps & stickers but in iOS 11 they are more accessible through the app drawer which can be found at bottom of the Messages screen.

    Another new feature in the iMessages, all the messages are synced automatically after signing into some new device. It allows you to delete messages across different platforms that are synced from one place.

    Device storage is also optimized and it also comes with end-to-end encryption.

    1. Siri

    Siri - What’s New In iOS 11

    Even though Siri offers support in more languages compared to other assistants available, but iOS 11 has changed it now. The most prevalent change is that in voice. It feels more natural now and the tone is less robotic.

    It now comes with a translation option as well. Translation is currently available in Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Italian. More languages will be integrated in coming months.

    Also, SiriKit comes with a lot more than before with things like secured task management, taking notes in the Evernote, chat using WeChat, etc.

    In iOS 11, Siri now understand what you’d need next. Siri makes use of on-device learning of topics that it feels might be of interest for us.

    For instance, if you are searching for a trip to Ireland, Siri will recognize it and will suggest Ireland related news articles in News app. Also, everything learned by Siri on a particular device will be synced across other devices you are using.

    1. Apple Pay

    Person-to-person payment is the latest thing that is introduced in Apple Pay with iOS 11.

    You can send money and receive it while you are chatting with your family and friends as it now comes integrated in Messages as iMessage feature. The money received gets into the Apple Pay cash card allowing you to shop online and send money, etc. You can have it on all your iOS devices.

    1. Camera

    Camera - Siri - What’s New In iOS 11

    The new iOS 11 will come with HEVC. It is a format almost twice as better, in terms of compression, from the videos captured through camera and needs considerably less storage space on the device.

    Another space-saving replacement that will be introduced in iOS 11 is HEIF which will replace the conventional JPED format and is half in size while doubles up the quality.

    Low-light photos will be of better image quality and there will be better low-light performance, true-tone flash, optical image stabilization, HDR and Depth API.

    1. Photos App

    Photos App - What's New in the Latest iOS 11

    If you’re a fan of Memories that was introduced in iOS 10, you’ll really love to watch those Memories in the portrait mode with your new iOS 11.

    iOS 11 now allows for trimming, selecting, looping, muting and rewinding the Live Photos and you can, literally, do much more with them. Your chosen frame can also be used as first image in Live Photos.

    Besides, exposure can be selected and altered with the Photos app.

    1. Control Center

    Control Center - What's New In the Latest iOS

    All the Control Center features will be accessible through one single page in iOS 11 now.

    There are lots and lots of things that you can do from that single page. Besides typical features such as Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, orientation, Bluetooth, etc. you can be able to access other features as well such as volume as well as the tracks you are listening to.

    iOS 11 also comes with new Notification Center and Lock screen designs aimed at combining things together.

    1. Maps

    Maps - What's New in The Latest iOS

    New maps will be introduced to explore and shop at the major malls. There will be maps for all the major airports around the world as well including Amsterdam, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Hong Kong, Dubai, Nashville, Las Vegas, New York, Vancouver, Toronto and lots more.

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    New tools for navigation will also be coming with the Maps app such as lane guidance that will come in handy when you have to find way through the traffic.

    1. HomeKit

    Homekit - What's New in the Latest iOS

    With AirPlay 2 protocol, HomeKit is provided speaker support. Now you can use Home app for getting access to all the speakers that are compatible with AirPlay. Besides, you have the control and you can decide what you’ll be playing on a particular speaker throughout the home.

    The ‘Shared Up Next’ feature allows your friends to add tracks to playlists without causing any interruptions in song that is currently being played.

    1. Do Not Disturb While Driving

    Do Not Disturb While Driving - What's New in The Latest iOS

    It’s a new feature from iOS 11 that recognizes the speed at which you are going and prevents any notifications accordingly from making it to the Lock screen. It’s a great tool for avoiding distraction as you drive.

    It keeps the screen black rather than showing distracting notifications and even when you try to touch your iPhone screen to unlock, you are reminded that you are driving.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    What’s even better? The app sends generic messages over to inform people that you are currently driving and will respond after safely reaching the destination. However, if the sender has something important that you really need to know, they can reply by saying “urgent” which will push it through to the lock screen as notification.

    It is indeed a great safety feature and also ensures that you don’t miss out on something important.

    1. Apple Music

    Apple Music - What's New in The Latest iOS

    Apple Music now allows you to discover tracks that your friends are listening to. So, it eliminates the need of asking for recommendations over a lazy weekend.

    1. App Store

    App Store - Whats New in the Latest iOS

    With app store aging and more and more apps being downloaded every day, apple thinks it’s time to give it a makeover. In iOS 11 we’ll have a revamped look for the App store. Here are some of the highlights of the new app store that we expect to have.

    • A Today tab is added to screen’s bottom the gives you a latest app every day. It could be game of the day or app of the day and there will be some daily list focusing on a goal or a theme such as meditation.
    • Games tab is also added to the app store featuring charts with different games depending on their ranking and popularity. Users can be able to browse games by categories, take a look at the ratings and watch gameplay videos among other things.
    • Then there will be Apps tab that only focuses on the apps. So, nothing is going to get mixed up.
    • App Store will also come with a cleanup feature and the review times for apps will be quicker.
    1. Machine Learning

    Machine Learning - What's New in the Latest iOS

    There are new APIs introduced for easy machine learning. Some of the major APIs include, natural language API, vision tracking, etc. And all of these APIs are based on the Core ML.

    1. Augmented Reality (AR)

    Augmented Reality (AR) - What's New in the Latest iOS

    iOS 11 will come with ARKit which is the set of some great APIs.

    ARKit allows the camera of your iPhone/iPad to identify surfaces besides allowing you to add a few objects digitally to the real environment. All these acknowledge and interact with each other. For instance, you can put a lamp on your table and a coffee cup, and whenever you’ll turn that lamp on/off or the coffee cup is repositioned, shadows will change just as they do in real world.

    1. Improvements For iPad

    Improvements For iPad

    iOS 11 is really going to rejuvenate your iPad experience. The dock can now be used no matter where you are on the iPad, specific apps can be pulled out (no matter what you are doing on the iPad) and the apps can even be swapped with different ones on a single screen. Things are going to be pretty simple. You can also drag text, images, url, etc. with iOS 11 running on your iPad.

    1. Files

    Files - What's New in The Latest iOS

    iOS 11 will be coming with new Files application that serves as your file organizer with a simple and beautiful interface. Files offers support for Dropbox, Google Drive, as well as other 3rd party organizing applications. So, your documents will not be kept floating everywhere anymore.

    There is a list or grid view which works similarly to the documents and files that you have on the Macbook. So, it’s easy to work with something that you are already accustomed to.

    Tapping and holding your Files app allows immediate access to latest documents, images, etc. and you can be able to add these files to various projects that you may be working on.

    1. Apple Pencil

    Talking about Apple Pencil, iOS 11 and iPad, taking screenshots will now show a thumbnail towards lower left side of the screen instantly. It can be edited immediately by going into the Markup.

    Apple Pencil now allows for making your inline drawings as well as letting the iPad search for your personal handwriting with the help of machine learning. When it comes to Notes, the users can now be able to scan documents and then mark up those documents on the iPad using Apple Pencil.

    Tap on your Lock Screen with Apple Pencil and you will be directly taken to the note after automatic unlocking of the iPad.

    When iOS 11 Is Expected To Release Publicly?

    Fall 2017 is the expected release for iOS 11. But we’ll have to wait until then.

    What’s Your Take On The Improved iOS 11?

    We really liked the latest iOS 11 from Apple and are very excited to use it when it is released publicly. Knowing all the latest that is expected to come in the iOS 11, tell us what’s your take on this improved iOS and how excited you are about the release?

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