Install Whatsapp/Whatspad++ On Your iPad Running iOS 11 Without Jailbreak

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app for smartphone and tablet users these days. Earlier, those with jailbroken devices could be able to download the app from Cydia. However, it wasn’t available to those who never wanted to jailbreak their iPhone/iPad. With WhatsApp++ now available, the users can enjoy that same experience on their devices without getting them to jailbreak. Also, the app comes with plenty of new features that weren’t there in the original app.

The two experiences have been combined cleverly by the jailbreak community to offer installable IPA that not just gives WhatsApp the native access to iPad but also allows iPad users to be able to enjoy the modifications that came with WhatsApp ++. The new iPad alternative is called the WhatsPad++ app and it is set to give you a far better WhatsApp experience right on your iPad. You get the same messaging feature and it comes with some additional excellent features for iPad users. Some of these features include the ability to introduce customized text theme and colors, enabling Touch ID for protecting conversations and content, and various amazing customizations. It’s surely a great experience overall as you will be getting the best of both worlds on your iPad.

So, if you have already installed iOS 11 on your iPad, and want to enjoy a perfect Whatsapp++ experience on your device, you should definitely go for WhatsPad++. In order to install the app on your iOS device, you will have to download its IPA file first.

Once you’ve downloaded the IPA file, you will have to sideload it to your device to start using WhatsPad++ without even a jailbreak. If you don’t know how to sideload the apps on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 11, you don’t need to worry at all. Just check out our guide to sideloading apps using Xcode 7 or sideloading apps using Cydia Impactor. Ensure that you grab the IPA file that is compatible to the latest iOS 11 that your device is running. All the rest is pretty simple as you only have to follow the steps given in the guides given above.

As you complete all the steps from the sideloading guides above, the WhatsApp/WhatsPad ++ app should appear in your iPad’s Home Screen. You can simply run it as usual.