Is It Worth Getting Apple Care Against The Apple TV You’re Planning To Buy?

    Whether you are buying the 32 GB Apple TV or its 64 GB alternative, one thing that might be swirling in and around your mind is whether you should opt for AppleCare or not. Yes, it is one of the major decisions that you have to make while making the purchase. Let’s do a bit of digging into this matter and decide what route you should take.

    As far as the US is concerned, AppleCare costs new Apple TV buyers $29 in addition to what they have to pay for buying the actual thing. Now, that’s really not so much when considered alone but when you take it as part of your purchase price then it might be something to look into. However, you should consider exactly what you will be getting against this $29 additional cost. Here is a short run down.32 GB Apple TV - Apple TV Reviews

    • Warranty coverage for the second year
    • Two years of in-store and telephonic support
    • Hardware replacement or repair as and when needed

    If Apple TV doesn’t cost too much for you and if you believe that in case something goes wrong after first year you’ll be able to buy a brand new one pretty easily then it may be better off for you to avoid Apple Care at the time of purchase. You can also think of avoiding this thing if there is extended warranty available on the credit card you are using.

    On the contrary, if you intend to keep everything unexpected at bay and don’t want to face any kind of problems whatsoever along the way then AppleCare might be worth it for you. All you’ll have to do is to pay a visit to your nearest Apple Store or call Apple and everything will be well taken care of for you.

    So, it’s just the matter of your priorities as to what you need and how you want to carry on with your journey. The choice is yours.

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