Apple Acquires New VR Content Broadcasting Startup

We have long been hearing rumors that Apple is planning on some AR and VR products. The ARKit has already been in use for allowing developers to enjoy AR games and applications on their iPads and iPhones. Now, the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer has taken things a step further as it has acquired a VR startup NextVR.

The rumors about this purchase were floating around last month but it’s just been confirmed by Apple that they have completed the buyout.

NextVR has some deals and agreements already with some big fishes like Facebook, Sony, HTC, and Lenovo offering VR content for the headsets that these companies make and sell. The startup has some deals with the live sport companies as well such as NBA. It also live streamed VR content in the past and that’s something which might have been attracted to in the first place.

After the acquisition, the company’s operations have already been shut down and their website mentions that they are now “heading in a new direction.”

Though we don’t have a clear explanation on that yet beyond joining hands with Apple, but it is believed that their deal was worth a whopping $100 million. We haven’t got any confirmation yet as to how much was spent by Apple.

Every year, Apple buys lots of companies and we never see or hear from them again after the acquisition. Services and technologies are rolled into Apple as well as their products often, as they have a preference of buying abilities and expertise. This new acquisition is set to open new horizons into the world of VR for the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer. We might see more VR content and initiatives coming up from Apple in near future. However, there are no details as yet on these upcoming endeavors.

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