iPhone 12 Pro Will Have 120 Hz ProMotion Display, Enhanced Face ID, And 3X Camera Zoom: Rumors

iPhone 12 Pro Will Have 120 Hz ProMotion Display, Enhanced Face ID, And 3X Camera Zoom Rumors

iPhone 12 Pro might come with a 120Hz ProMotion Display, enhanced Face Id, and 3x zoom for the rear cam – the unreliable leak source Max Weinbach suggests. The leaker shared the information using YouTube channel EverythingApplePro.

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According to Weinbach, the new iPhone 12 Pro is expected to be released in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch sizes and will have a 120Hz ProMotion display with a high refresh rate, as we currently have in the iPad Pro. The rumors also exist that the display of the flagship iPhone model will dynamically switch between 60 Hz and 120 Hz depending on the battery life remaining.

The increase in power consumption due to high refresh rate of the display and 5G connectivity will be accommodated by incorporating a bigger internal battery into the new smartphone. Weinbach also suggests that the biggest rumored iPhone, iPhone 12 Pro Max, is expected to have a big battery with 4400mAh capacity. That’s certainly going to be a significant increase over 3969mAh battery in the current biggest smartohone in Apple’s lineup, the iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Some rumors are also afloat around the Face ID as well. It is believed that the Face ID is going to introduce a wider viewing angle for supporting device unlocking at a much wider angle range. It is also expected to have a notch design much smaller compared to the previous version. All these rumors have been reinforced by Weinbach along with the fact that the new iPhone will have a LiDAR Scanner available at its rear as well. This will be used for quicker autofocus and will also give better accuracy in photos captured with the Portrait Mode and also in the AR experiences.

The new iPhone will also have an improved smart HDR feature that will reduce noise significantly in the low-light environments. There will be 3x optical zoom available with its telephoto zoom lens as well, upgrading it from 2x in the current models. As a result, users will be able to capture images as well as videos much more closely and the digital zoom quality will be maintained to what it used to be in the previous models.

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Last month, EverythingApplePro and Weinbach shared a sneak peek into iPhone 12 Pro Max which was allegedly based on the leaked CAD designs. Previously, the leaker has made a few accurate predictions related to iPhone 11 Pro Midnight Green finish, as well as a less-obtrusive volume HUD from iOS 13. However, so many incorrect rumors have also come out of the same source like a native Calculator app for iPad in iOS 13, Dark Mode delayed, robust iPhone displays that would work even under water, and the launch of HomePod in Italy and Austria inside 2019. So, can’t say much on the authenticity of this new leaked information. There may be some truth to it as well but it may even be completely wrong too. So, take everything with a grain of salt and wait until the official release comes out!