Apple M1 vs Apple Intel-Comparison To Make Smarter

Apple expansion in technology world is so rapid and fast that many current latest technologies are going to be part of history within few weeks or months. Apple’ latest launch of M1 technology that is going to replace Intel is really a shocking move and technology is taking new turn which is purely caused by Apple. 

By the end of November, 2020 M1 chip was introduced by Apple which is 1000 times faster than the Intel technology. Their latest Macbook which is acquiring the M1 chip in it is being sold heavily all around the world as Pros started taking interest because of fast speed and smooth use.

 Let’s have a look that what is difference between M1 and Intel’ chip.

Difference M1 Macbook Pro & Intel Macbook Pro

It’s not about just speed, but also some other factors as well including graphics, battery timings, storage and compatibilities. 

The M1 machine has eight core CPU and 16-core Neural Engine, while Intel core i7 consists of four-core processor. On the other side, the RAM is also double than Intel processor which is now 32 GB in M1. 

Latest Apple Macbook Pro (M1) contains the SSD (storage) of 4 TB which is also double than the Intel machine and there is no effect on speed with this even large storage.

One thing that might confuse the high end users that many specifications in Intel are extendable, but in Apple’ M1 models, there are limitations and cannot be further increased. 

Although, the compatibility of different software and their up gradation was a big concern, but in M1 Rosetta 2 translation technology has made updates quite simple.


In the previous processor, the compatibility of ios apps along with Android whether Mod APKs or plain apps was not a big issue, but there are now few restrictions in M1 chip.

Auto update feature is also enabled automatically, while latest versions are not being encouraged by this operating system because Apps and APKs with bugs or malware are resisted by solid antivirus built in software.

Final Verdict

After going through practical comparison of both these machines, we have found the M1 Chip does justice with its price and specifications. This is one of the revolutionary steps taken by the Apple and their developers, while Intel processor seems to be ended soon.

Moreover the solid hardware, double battery timing of 20 hours, graphics and support is way better than Intel Macbook Pro and that too in economical price.