Use This Mac App To Check If Your Apps Are Apple M1-Compatible

    Apple has already launched its M1 Mac and it’s available to the masses now. However, a large number of Mac users are still wondering if they should get themselves the new machines or just wait to see if the Mac apps they use would be compatible with the newest M1 or not.

    If you are also looking to find out if your Mac Apps are ready to run on the new M1, here’s a free app that could tell you that.

    With Rosetta 2, all the apps that have been designed for the Intel Macs are still relevant and will work just fine on the Apple silicon. However, if you want to use the newer chips to their full performance potential, you’d want some universal app.

    That is certainly the one designed for working on both the Intel Macs and the Apple silicon. There’s a free open source app called Silicon designed by iMazing which is going to solve the riddle for you.

    Download Silicon and it will either scan the Applications folder on your Mac or you can simply drag your apps to its window to find out if they’re compatible or not. As soon as you do that, the app(s) will be scanned to find out if they’re just made for the Intel Macs or they are the universal apps. The report generated after the scan will tell you which apps you should be running on your new M1 Macs without facing any compatibility issues. That’s it!

    That’s all Silicon does for you and it does it to perfection! What’s even better is that you won’t have to spend anything on taking advantage of this open source app. If you want to start using the app, you can get it from Grab now!

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