Apple Macbook Air 2017 Review – A Complete Overview Of The Latest Model

    If you’re planning to buy Apple Macbook Air this Black Friday, you’d be essentially getting your hands on the MacBook Air 2015 that is sort of re-branded as Mackbook Air 2017. To be honest, even after a couple of years and introduction of three different processor generations, all Apple has managed to give this year is a little improvement in the processor speed. Nevertheless, it remains to be a lightweight and affordable machine that can easily revamp your Macbook experience.

    The 12” Macbookand both the Macbook Pro models got a refresh this year. All these models are updated with Kaby Lake processors, still a small processor clock improvement was given to MacBook Air. Nevertheless, it’s worth doing a complete Apple Macbook Air review.

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    Apple Macbook Air 2017 Review

    Apple’s June 2017 event introduced 13” Macbook Air with updated processor that made a shift from 1.6 GHz to 1.8 GHz. However, it wasn’t really a big improvement because the new processor belonged to that same generation used earlier in Macbook Air from 2015. Nevertheless, MacBook Air still is a wonderful choice for entry level Macs.

    As it should, Apple hasn’t yet referred to the latest Macbook Air release as its “new model”. However, for recognizing it from the very similar Macbook Air 2015, it’s referred to as Mid-2017 Macbook Air.

    Ever since MacBook Air took the laptop world by surprise back in 2010, there haven’t been many changes introduced in this machine by Apple. Apple Macbook Air that came in 2015 introduced some minor changes in ports and the processor, but ever since the major updates have only been the improvement of processor speed and that default memory has been doubled.

    And since its introduction, you can buy Macbook Air only in Silver color and you don’t get the many color options as you have with 12” Macbook or 13”- and 15” Macbook Pro.

    Apple Macbook Air Design

    The overall design of the Macbook Air from Apple remains almost the same as it used to be back in 2010 and we don’t really see any major changes coming soon either. That’s, probably, the worst thing about these laptops as we’re now moving into an age with almost bezel-less laptops having smaller footprints combined with their high resolution displays. Forget any of the laptops from competitors, if you consider even the 13”Macbook Pro Retina, you’ll find it better than the Air, with its smaller footprint as well as less space consumption.

    Apple Macbook Air Design-Apple Macbook Ai


    Besides, the Macbook Air comes with aluminum uni-body design that supports main enclosure as well as the display and is also quite durable. The lid can be raised quite easily and it does not droop at all in literally any position. You will also need to press too hard for detection of flex on its lid or base.

    Cleaning is super easy but you have to be careful as aluminum body of the Apple Macbook Air can get scratches quite easily and there will be black marks left behind permanently as well.

    Detailed Look At Processor, RAM And Graphics

    As mentioned earlier, the Macbook Air 2017 came with minor speed improvement in processor. And same Broadwell processor is used in both the models. Talking of speed in general terms, Macbook Air would still be able to fulfill most of our browsing, social, office and streaming requirements quite easily.

    Though the speed is improved to 1.8 GHz but if you’re only looking to upgrade to the latest Macbook Air 2017, only for speed then the upgrade may not be worth it.

    The graphics may be a source of inspiration to upgrade to the latest Air model because you get faster graphics with the new Macbook Air. The graphics chip used in this model is, however, the same as that in the previous one. There’s a memory boost as well with new Macbook Air offering 8GB RAM.

    It also offers you the opportunity to upgrade to an Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz processor. Besides, you can also get better speeds with Turbo Boost feature which actually over-clocks your processor and helps you get better speeds with the same machine. With enough power supply and safe temperature levels, the core is over-clocked and the Turbo Boost feature allows your machine to work a lot quicker. To be precise, Turbo Boost pushes the standard i5 processor to 2.9 GHz and the upgraded core i7 processor to 3.2 GHz.

    So, if speed is a concern, try to opt for the fastest available processor and stretch it to its limits with Turbo Boost. If that’s not going to help then try Macbook Pro Range from Apple.

    Apple Macbook Air 2017 Storage

    Storage capacity is probably the only major difference that actually sets 2017 Macbook Air apart from the previously available model. The new models come equipped with ‘Solid State’ SDD drives that are much faster than what we used to have earlier.

    You can choose between 128 GB and 256 GB storage capacities. However, it is possible to double the storage and get 512 GB by paying just $200 extra.

    If you’re a hardcore user looking for lots of space to keep your photos, videos and music, then you’d be better off going with maximum storage that you can afford. However, if you use the laptop for light browsing and document work then 128GB would be enough for you. So, it basically depends on what type of use you have.

    Macbook Air 2017 Screen

    The 2017 Macbook Air from Apple comes with 13.3” LED-backlit widescreen display that gives you 1440×900 pixels resolution and around 128 ppi pixel density. Though not as smooth and crisp as Retina HD displays of Macbook Pro, still it can do a good enough job depending on your specific needs.

    Overall, it’s a good screen but if you have already used one of the Pro models then you might fight it a bit on the lower side. It, however, consumes less power and brings your overall costs down to a certain extent.

    What Bundled Software Come With Apple Macbook Air

    As with all the latest Macs, Apple Macbook Air 2017 comes with macOS High Sierra. And, the new OS ships with iLife and iWork apps from Apple, including an upgraded look for the Garageband. The bundled software include:

    • Movie
    • Pages
    • Keynote
    • Numbers
    • Garageband
    • Safari
    • Messages
    • Mail
    • FaceTime
    • Calendar
    • Notes
    • Contacts
    • App Store
    • iBooks
    • iTunes
    • Maps
    • Time Machine
    • Photo Booth
    • Spotlight

    What’s The Price For Apple Macbook Air 2017

    As of now, Macbook Air remains to be the cheapest available Mac Laptop if you’re looking to buy something new. The price starts at $949 for Apple Macbook Air 128 GB. If you’re looking to buy one with 256 GB space, you can get it for $1199. This mans, you’ll have to pay around $200 additional for getting the much needed extra space you want. Further increase the price by $200 and you’ll get the 512 GB alternative. You can’t upgrade the 8 GB RAM but the processor can very much be upgraded for around $150 more just as described above.

    What’s The Final Word

    The faster operating storage combined with the better performance of graphics and processor technically makes Apple Macbook Air 2017 a better machine as compared to its predecessors. However, you should upgrade to this model only if you are badly in need of the power it adds with its processor and quick graphics. Otherwise, it may not be worth upgrading and you’ll feel that same overall experience that you’re already enjoying on your Macbook Air 2015 model. That’s simply because the 2017 model doesn’t come with any breakthrough features like the modern Macbook Pro models.

    To be honest, every machine has its own merits and demerits and there is no real best. The Retina Macbook may have more features and speed to offer, but Macbook Air is lighter on the other hand. Both the machines have their own plus points and in the end it comes down to your preferences and what you can afford.

    So, decide on your next macbook purchase and see if Apple Macbook Air is worth going for or not. But if it’s not really the most wanted machine on your list, it would be better if you can stick to the one you already have. But if you’re buying your first Macbook and want something good enough for the least price then you should definitely go with Apple Macbook Air 2017 model.

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