Apple May Introduce A Truly All-Screen iPhone in 2020

All Screen iPhone

Apple filed several patents on December 23, 2019 which were published by Japan Patent Office and they point to some unique truly all-screen iPhone which might be on the cards. Coming through LetsGoDigital, we might see Apple moving away from the notched design of the iPhones to give its users a real all-screen experience.

In 2017, Apple decided to break the norms and introduce iPhone X as they wanted to keep it a small device while ensuring that the users can get the maximum usable screen area. For reducing the bezels to bare minimum, Apple decided to go with a notched iPhone design where it adjusted its TrueDepth camera as well as different sensors. The design was quickly criticized by other companies but soon enough everyone was following the same pattern.

iphone notch-less


Now the newly filed patent gives an impression that Apple might be moving away from its infamous notched design for giving users a new truly all-screen iPhone design. The patent publication had images which show iPhones with no notch whatsoever present on them. The images don’t show any visible camera elements and it suggests that either the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer has found a new way of hiding cameras behind main display of the device or the technology they have mentioned in their patent publication might be coming to an iPhone which won’t have Face ID or similar technologies.

It’s really interesting to look at the images associated with this patent publication considering that we have already had renders as well as information purporting to be about the next-generation iPhone from Apple and it’s suggestive of a new notch-free design coming up from Apple. If they both are to be believed, 2020 might bring extremely thin bezels to iPhones. It will take precision engineering to the next level to accommodate the front-facing camera, FaceID, and all the other sensors that are usually present in an Apple iPhone inside that thin, almost non-existent bezel.

To be honest, it’s a more than welcoming news and everyone would love an all-screen iPhone in 2020.