Apple Music FAQ – How To Use Apple Music In iOS 11

    Though the new iOS 11 Apple Music is not up for having same sort of complete visual overhaul as it received in iOS 10, still there are quite a few significant changes that are expected to come with latest music streaming service from Apple for the mobile OS. And, if you’re just getting started, you must be on the lookout for some Apple Music FAQ to get yourself acquainted with it.

    Whether it is the social aspects or the latest developer features, we have detailed everything for you in this Apple Music FAQ as to what you can expect from Apple Music in the upcoming iOS 11.

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    Apple Music FAQ – Get Started With Apple Music

    Take a look at these common questions about Apple Music and learn what it is all about. This Apple Music FAQ answers some of the most common questions asked about the app.

    What’s The New Major Feature That Is Coming With iOS 11 Apple Music

    The most impactful features in the new iOS 11 Apple Music app are the latest social aspects the service intends to offer. It now allows you to find and follow friends who are also using Apple Music and they can do the same as well. Following someone on Apple Music will allow you to have visibility to what they have been listening of late and the playlists that they might have shared.

    How To Find Friends Who Are Using Apple Music?

    There are quite a few options offered by the new Apple Music app for finding friends. When you are at your own profile, tap the button labeled Find More Friends and you will be able to see the list of people in your contacts who are using Apple Music. Tapping the other button labeled Find More Friends and you will get a message that you should connect with the apps that you use already for finding friends. However, you may not find any compatible applications because of the fact that you currently have iOS 11 beta version.

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    The For You tab in Apple Music enlists your friends recommended by the app for you to follow and this list is basically based on your existing friends. You can also search for people in the app. You will be able to find results in People tab.

    Does The App Allow You To Follow Everyone, And Can Everyone Follow You Back As Well?

    Well, it depends. At the time of setting up the full profile on Apple Music, you have the option of letting everyone follow you on the app or set the app to ask for your approval and then let others follow you.

    What Are The Profiles All About?

    If you’re using Apple Music app for quite some time then you might have taken notice of the fact that it allows you to create a nickname that is similar to what we have on Twitter. Also, there isn’t any particular way that you can use that name. But now, that nickname is included in the profile you have on Apple Music.

    The new Apple Music profile now comes with quite a few new features. Rather than simply having your name, avatar and nickname in the profile, it is now possible to select who will follow you on the app and when you are going to set it upwhich of your playlists will be initially shared.

    What You Can Share With Friends On Apple Music?

    There are a couple of options that you have when you want to share something with friends through the Apple Music app. It could be something that you have been listening to lately or it could the custom playlists that you have made. Whatever you have been listening to on Apple Music is automatically shared and it happens with time.

    With playlist sharing option, however, you can share all those playlists that you have made or the ones that other users on Apple Music have made. If you can see Edit button right on top of the playlist then it is possible to share that playlist on the Apple Music app.

    Can I Share Playlists Made By Apple Too?

    These playlists actually automatically show up in the list of what you have been listening to and you do not really need to share them explicitly.

    Is It Possible To Hide Something That You Listen To?

    Well, it is very much possible that you like to listen to something without your friends being able to notice it. However, currently Apple Music doesn’t allow you to do that. But as we are still having iOS 11 betas so we might expect something like that to come in the future versions like Apple might come with something like incognito mode for musicals. So, it’s not there right now and it has to wait if it’s going to be there in future.

    What Else Is Possible To Do On New Apple Music App?

    iOS 11 comes with the new Apple Music app which offers a new feature that Apple is referring to as “Shared Up Next”. The feature allows your friends, with your permission of course, to add songs to the Up Next list that you have on the playlist. And the best thing is that this can be done without interrupting current track.

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    Is Apple Music Coming With A New Technology?

    AirPlay 2 protocol is the next big thing that Apple intends to introduce with the iOS 11. With the help of AirPlay, you can be able to your audio right from iPhone/iPad you are using to a speaker that is AirPlay-capable. AirPlay 2 will give it a kick with its multi-room speakers support that you add from HomeKit. Though it is not only restricted to the Apple Music, you are allowed by AirPlay 2 to control the speakers that are playing the music right from your Music app.

    Is The New Music App Available With Any Changes For The Third Party Apps Which Can Be Used With It?

    Apple has come up with some new APIs named MusicKit with software development kit for the iOS 11. When you let any third-party application to be able to access your account on Apple Music, it can generate playlists, play songs on the app, and add a few of them to your music library. With your permission, the app might also offer personalized recommendations on latest music.

    When Will The Apple Music Updates Be Available?

    It is expected that iOS 11 will come as part of compatible iPhones/iPad later this year, and that is exactly when the Music app will be available. If you want to enjoy the experience right away, however, you can try public beta of iOS 11 which can be downloaded from One thing should be kept in mind, however, that even though we have public beta version of the iOS available, it is still beta version and some of the features may not properly work yet.

    So, that’s all about Apple Music that might want to know. Wait for the public release with iOS 11 or try it out in the beta version of iOS 11. And, if you still have any questions after going through this Apple Music FAQ guide, let us know in comments.

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