How To Turn Your Factory Wired Apple CarPlay Into Wireless Apple CarPlay Without Using Mods

    If you have always wanted to run Apple CarPlay Wirelessly without any kind of mods, you finally have a way to do that now. Here we have shared the complete procedure for you to convert your current factory wired Apple CarPlay feature to Wireless CarPlay with no need for any hardware mods.

    The little gadget we’re about to introduce here will turn your current wired CarPlay solution into a cool new wireless alternative and you won’t have to visit any car dealership for that either.

    Apple CarPlay really works fine bur if you want to use it wirelessly, you can invest in the iCarPlayDongle. So, there’s no need to buy a brand new car for that, right? Yes, exactly!

    Currently, the manufacturers of iCarPlayDongle have brought up a wonderful deal to allow you to take the current wired CarPlay solution and have wireless access to it by removing the tether. To sweeten the deal further, there’s a limited time offer to avail a 15% discount by using their special promo code at the time of checkout.

    So, if you have a factory-fitted CarPlay system in your car, you can use it wirelessly with no need to replace its head unit at all simply by using iCarPlayDongle. This Dongle device will still allow you to use your vehicles factory steering wheel controls. Remember, however, that it’s only going to work if your vehicle is equipped with the official stock wired CarPlay feature while it should also be listed in the supported & tested cars list.

    How It Works?

    So, how it all works? Well, it’s pretty simple and you just have to follow the following steps.

    1. Plug & Play: Just connect iCarPlayDongle Pro C or iCarPlayDongle into the USB port you often use for connecting your iPhone to access wired CarPlay feature.
    2. Pair With Your iPhone: Now, pair it with the Bluetooth of your iPhone and then connect to Wi-Fi. You’ll only need Bluetooth pairing of the device for the initial handshake of the Wireless CarPlay.
    3. Enjoy Access To Wireless CarPlay: Yes, that’s it! Your iPhone is now wirelessly connected to the radio of your car using CarPlay. After the initial pairing and set up, your iPhone and the iCarPlayDongle Pro should connect automatically whenever you start your vehicle.

    Remember here that the dongle is available in two different models – one comes with a USB-A cable while the other comes with USB-C cable. So, you need to make sure that you choose one which suits your vehicle the best and can be plugged into the ports it has. Place your order now and enjoy Wireless CarPlay!

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