Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    When you choose some of the best Apple Watch apps for your smartwatch, you bring new life to your little gadget. There are more than 200,000 applications available for download and you’d really want to choose the best of them all. It is advisable that you should go for apps that serve you some purpose and are not just for little entertainment and then lie idle afterwards. Even if you want to have something interesting on your Apple Watch, you should choose something that will serve its purpose in the long run. In fact, there are quite a lot of practical applications that can offer great functionality to your Apple Watch and make it a handy little gadget to have right on your wrist. All you have to make sure is that you choose the right ones for you.

    So, let’s cut everything out and dive straight into our list of best Apple Watch apps that you must have on your Apple Watch. We hope you will find these apps useful for you and all of them will be practical additions to your Watch.

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    15 Best Apple Watch Apps

    Let’s start our best Apple Watch apps list with Calcbot, the great calculator for your small screen.

    1. Calcbot

      Calcbot-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    Apple watch does not come with any default calculator and Apple might have assumed that people would not be able to do calculations on their Apple Watch because the fingers would prove to be too chubby for the small screen of the watch. But they actually went wrong here. But that void is deftly filled by Calcbotand you can now perform calculations right from your small screen. Just have it on your Apple Watch and you will not go wrong about your calculations anymore.

    1. Camera Plus

      Camera Plus-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    It is amongst the popular camera apps outside iOS and gives you great control over photography as compared to what you have in that stock camera application. Now with support for Apple Watch as well, this app certainly brings a lot of great features like photo and video capturing alongside instant preview once you have captured the video or photo. Swapping between back and front cams is also possible and there is support for timer as well. Ever thought such great capabilities will be right there on your wrist? Camera Plus really brings everything to you. Even though Apple Watch can be used as viewfinder for standard camera application, it comes with lots of more functions right within a single app.

    1. Carrot Weather

     Carrot Weather -Some Of The Best Appl-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    Carrot Weather has really been a popular app and it now comes with support for Apple Watch as well. The app that is designed for Apple Watch uses more of color rather than graphics and gives you all the updates on next hour weather. So, the user interface is simple yet informative. For instance, if the weather is sunny then it will show that in yellow text while if it is raining or is expected to rain then the text appears in blue. Stay updated with weather right on your Apple Watch and have all the latest and most authentic weather reports.

    1. Just Press Record

      Just Press Record-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    Just Press Record is really an efficient app on iPhone when it comes to recording something quickly: you just have to tap record button, record the audio you want and then stop recording and the audio syncs automatically to cloud storage as soon as you stop recording. Well, if you have watchOS 3 running on your Apple Watch then you can have all those capabilities right on your wrist. You will be able to record even when your iPhone isn’t around. The recordings will be transferred whenever you connect next time. Besides, the app also offers transcription now and you can be able to talk to the watch and create text files containing whatever you said.

    1. CityMapper

      CityMapper-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    If you are in a city that the app supports – Paris, New York, London, San Francisco Bay Area –CityMapper really is a must-have app for you. The app comes up with public transport options and gives you very clear and precise instructions to get around the city. You will be able to get timings for the upcoming buses, trams or trains, and have access to stops’ outline featuring all the stops that are coming along the route you want to take. In watchOS 3, the app’s complications will put your directions and ETA on a watch face.

    1. Find Near Me

      find me near-Some Of The Best Apple-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    Find Near Me helps you to find any nearby businesses quickly and puts them in different categories so that it is easy for you to browse through them. So, whatever you want to find be it a bank, ATM, bar, zoo or spa, you can find it through this app right on your wrist watch without any troubles whatsoever. The app is quick and can even be used with Siri. Selecting individual items can sometimes give you additional details like reviews as well.

    1. Currency

      Currency-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    You may find quite a few best Apple Watch apps for currency conversion. However, the Currency app makes it to this list for its elegance, promptness and responsiveness. You have to define the currencies that you want to track from your iPhone and order them as you want to see. All changes that you make through your iPhone will start reflecting right away on the Apple Watch as well. Afterwards, you have to tap some currency and type the amount that you want the app to convert for you. It’s as simple as that. You can also leave main view right there in the Dock to be able to make speedy conversions in different currencies at a time.

    1. Elk

      Elk-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    It is yet another useful app for currency conversion. You just have to set two currencies that you want a conversion between and your Apple Watch interface turns into your conversion space. Swiping left will increase the base value by 10 ten times. Swiping to the opposite side will simply revert it.

    All the digits appear as editable boxes. You can tap the box and twiddle Digital Crown of your Apple Watch for updating the number inside that box. It will instantly update the conversion as you change the numbers. Elk is a simple and smart conversion tool that looks and feels just like a calculator.

    1. Runkeeper

      Runkeeper-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    None of the best Apple Watch apps lists would be complete without Runkeeper. When it comes to mobile fitness apps, Runkeeper always comes on top. It is now making its way to Apple Watch Series 2 as well. Even though the app enabled you already to go running and leave your iPhone back at home, with watchOS 3 and the supported hardware, Runkeeper uses GPS functionality for giving your richer stats. You can have access to an activity screen that you can customize to your liking and can have all those metrics that you want right on your Apple Watch screen.

    1. Streaks Workout

      Streaks Workout-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    If you are a fitness freak and want to control your fitness routine right from your Apple Watch then this app is tailor-made for you. It amusingly lists quite a few exercise lengths starting from ‘quick’ 6 minutes workouts to ‘pain’ 30 minutes workouts. It really is a simple and straightforward app that you can easily incorporate into your routine. Select a time for your workouts and the app will give you a list containing all those exercises that you can try and the number of repetitions that you will have to perform. Once a set is completed, tap the Apple Watch. Your aim is to have long workouts streaks over weeks and the app won’t let you skip as it is right there on your wrist.

    1. Mint

      Mint-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    In today’s fast paced world, bills really dictate our lives and you can’t find a better app than Mint that can help you track everything that you spend on your bills. The Mint app for Apple Watch, just like its iPhone counterpart, gives you a simple and straightforward method to check your bills that have to be paid soon, the amount of money that you have left with you and that you expect to flow in, and what credit score you maintain at any particular time.

    couple talking and drinking coffee

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    There are three screens in the app that contain all this information separately and allow you to slide from one screen to another for quickly checking out everything. You have a clear layout with color coding and nothing can mix things up. It’s a perfect app and is quite practical as well.

    1. Reminders Nano

      Reminders Nano-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    Don’t know why, but Reminders feature didn’t originally come with Apple Watch. Perhaps, developers might have forgot to simply set their own reminders for making the app. Kidding! Though they have included Reminders in the watchOS 3, Reminders Nano is still a better choice for your Apple Watch. We believe it is an app worthy of spending a little on.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    First of all, the app displays all your lists alphabetically instead of putting your reminders up in some arbitrary fashion. In fact, this is something that makes it better than the Apple’s Reminders app. Secondly, the app can be used for adding new items or even new lists and this means that you will not need to have your iPhone around when you have everything right there on your wrist.

    1. Deliveries

      Deliveries-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    It works perfectly regardless of the platform that you prefer to use it on. No matter what you expect to be shipped to you, Deliveries ensures that you never miss a courier just because you are out at the time when it arrives. Installing the app on your Apple Watch allows you to have the same features right on your wrist. You can have the same list, handy notifications and location maps that allow you to keep track of your stuff at any point in time. So, it is definitely a great app to have on your Apple Watch.

    1. Dark Sky

      Dark Sky-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    If you want to take a stroll down the street but are not really sure if it will be raining in 10 minutes or so, Dark Sky is your perfect companion. Just launch it on the Apple Watch to find out what’s the weather is going to be like in next half hour, for instance. Whether it is going to rain or snow, you will know everything before it’s too late. The app even displays notifications if it will be raining in the next hour all right there on your wrist watch. Even it is possible to have 24-hour timeline that gives you weather updates for the day, the next day and even the day after that.

    1. iTranslate

      iTranslate-Some Of The Best Apple Watch Apps Available On App Store

    The last on our list of best Apple Watch apps is iTranslate. Well, if you are an iPhone user then you must be already familiar with the iTranslate app. In fact, many love it. The app requires you to talk to it in English to have your sentences translated in another desired language. It really is an ideal solution for learning new languages on the go but it also turns out to be handy when you are abroad and just want to know how to communicate something to a local. And, now with this wonderful app available for Apple Watch as well, you can use it anywhere and anytime right from your wrist. Voila!

    Conclusion: Best Apple Watch Apps

    Though there are so many other wonderful apps available for Apple Watch users and you can find many that meet your requirements, these are some of the best Apple Watch apps that everyone loves to have. And, we hope that at least a few of these, if not all, would really grab your attention and will also fulfill the purpose that you need them to serve. So, choose one for you and make your Apple Watch more useful than ever.

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