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    If you love to watch movies on the go then rest assured that there are quite a few wonderful dedicated iPhone apps that allow you to watch free movies on your little gadget. Usually, they are dedicated apps with which you can be able to watch your favorite movies online anywhere you want. These apps usually come organized with some wonderful features that make it easier for you to search for the movies that you want to watch and find them easily with only a few taps. So, let’s not just keep you waiting and discover 10 best iPhone apps for free movies.

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    10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    Here is our list of best apps that you can use for watching free movies right on your iPhone. Let’s discover what these apps are all about.

    1. Movies ByFlixter

      10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    If you are a movie buff then Movies by Flixterfulfills all your daily cravings and gives you a wide collection of wonderful movies to watch. The app allows you to create a custom “To watch list” and add movies that you plan to watch any time soon to it. It even allows you to list movies that are just about to hit the theatres and haven’t been released yet.

    The app offers a cool interface and is quite accessible. And, despite all its great features, it goes under the radar quite often. The app also allows for AirPlaywhen it comes to streaming content right from your iPhone to Apple TV.

    1. Tubi TV

      Tubi TV- 10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    It sometimes becomes really hard to be in the competition when people are expecting a lot from a single app. However, Tubi TV manages to be on top of many popular apps for free movies just because of its content that you may not even find in the Netflix categories.Despite Netflix being so big and having a huge catalog, there is still something which you may not find there. That’s exactly what Tubi TV targets and brings to its users. The runs on iOS7 or later and is definitely a must have for movie geeks.

    1. Hotstar

      Hotstar-10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    If you have used Hotstar before then you must be surprised with the content quality of the app. If you’re residing in India and are on the lookout for some multipurpose app for entertainment on your iPhonethen Hotstar is really your thing.

    And Hotstar doesn’t just let you watch free movies, it also gives you access to TV series as well as live coverage for major sports events.

    1. Snag Films

      Snag Films-10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    When compared to Android, the choices have always been very limited for the iOS users. However, Snag Films is there to give those limited choices a little boost with all it has to offer. The app comes with a reasonable movies catalog that you can choose from. With more than 5000 movies on the app, it certainly gives you everything you want when it comes to watching movies on your iPhone. You can even find those rare hits of the past on this app.

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    You can find movies from the categories that you might not have heard of before. With such great things about it, Snag Films has already featured on many top 10 lists.

    1. PopcornTime

      PopcornTime- 10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    Many consider it a competitor of Netflix;it is a multiplatform movies app that everyone can enjoy and iPhone users are no exception. The app works by fetching TV series and movies from the Torrent links. If torrents are legally allowed in your country then you should definitely have this app on your iPhone.

    1. Viewster

      Viewster-10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    Viewster gives you access to some of the most awesome movies for free and that too in HD. It is probably the single entertainment app out there which gives you such unique variety of movies. Viewsterusers can enjoy Anime, Movies, TV series and even documentaries. Especially, if you are a fan of anime series then viewstergives you everything you need. Above all, everything is available for free and you can instantly access full-length movies. The app comes with some fresh content every week.

    1. MovieBox

      MovieBox-. 10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    If you are not familiar with MovieBox, you can take it as a clone for Show Box. Bringing you all the entertainment you need, MovieBoxallows you to watch Movies, trailers and popular TV series for free. You can’t just stream your favorite stuff but can also download it if you want. If you have long been searching for one of your favorite movies with no luck yet, then you must give MovieBox a try. It is one of the most highly rated movie apps for iPhone.

    1. Crackle

      Crackle- 10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    Crackle gives you hassle free movie streaming without having to bear any costs at all. Crackle distributes Hollywood movies and TV series online. When you have Crackle on your iPhone, there is no need to spend anything at all on watching full-length movies.

    It is important to mention, however, that the app keeps videos for a specific amount of time and it removes all the content from library once that time period has elapsed. With crackle, you can also adjust movie quality as you like so that it can play perfectly no matter what kind of internet speed you are getting. It comes with an easy interface to allow users to enjoy using it without getting frustrated and access their favorite movies easily.

    1. Flipps TV

      flipps tv-10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    Flipps TV really turns your iPhone into home of entertainment. It allows you to watch movies, news, comedy clips and music videos right from your iPhone. But Flipps really comes up with something new. It allows you to directly stream on your Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp TV, LG Phillips TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Dish Hopper and Apple TV. However, you can adjust the volume and playback options right on your iPhone.

    1. Popcorn Flix

      Popcorn Flix-10 Best iPhone Apps For Free Movies

    Sure you have heard of Netflix, but Popcorn Flix is also a popular app for watching free movies on your iPhone. No matter what genre you like, this app brings you some of the best movies at no cost at all. Whether it is one of the latest movies or a blast from the past, you can have it on Popcorn Flix. It comes with an open and easy-to-use interface which is not cluttered with options at all. Just search from the available categories and stream your favorite movies online anytime.

    So, if you plan to watch free movies on your iPhone, just browse through our collection of best iPhone apps for free moviesand make your pick. You’re sure to find one that gives you all you need.

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