Matter 1.3 Specification Launched: Water and Energy Management, EV Charging Support, And More

    The new Matter 1.3 specification has been announced by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) along with the support for latest platforms and device makers.

    Matter is a system that enables the smart home devices and accessories to operate over various smart home systems that include Apple’s HomeKit and more.

    Matter 1.3 Specification Launched Water and Energy Management, EV Charging Support, And More

    There are multiple changes inside the new Matter 1.3 specification that include electric vehicle chargers support, TVs, water management devices, and kitchen and laundry appliances.

    “Electric Vehicle Charging — Matter 1.3’s energy features also enable new energy-centric devices, the first of which is Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). This enables EV charging equipment manufacturers to present a consumer-friendly way to control how and when they charge their vehicles. It features the ability to manually start or stop charging, adjust the charging rate, or specify how many miles of range to be added by a set departure time, leaving the charging station to automatically optimize the charging to happen at the cheapest and lowest carbon times.

    The additional changes consist of support to the devices to detect leaking and freezing of water , with water valves being part of the latest spec. Enhanced searching functions in TVs alongside interactivity through TC apps are supported as well, also.

    “Water Management — Support for leak and freeze detectors, rain sensors, and controllable water valves provide homeowners with enhanced monitoring, management, and protection over water in and around their homes.

    Matter 1.3 Specification Launched Water and Energy Management, EV Charging Support and more

    With the specification being announced, a delay is still likely to be there before we begin to watch the latest accessories and devices that can take benefit of it. Considering that, more information is expected to come in the approaching months with numerous companies expected to pursue  CES in January of 2025 when introducing latest products.

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