How To Bypass iPhone 6 iCloud Lock

    When we talk about iCloud lock, it’s a feature that prevents any unauthorized person to sell your iPhone, erase it or even claim it to be theirs. But despite all its greatness, the feature may backfire if you lose your access information somehow as you’ll be locked out of your phone. Similarly, if you buy a new iPhone 6 from someone else, it is very much possible that the seller might not have lifted icloud restrictions from the phone and it will restrict you from having full access and mind’s peace when using your new iPhone 6. So, how can you bypass this type of iPhone 6 iCloud lock?

    Well, there are quite a few options that you can try for getting full access to your new iPhone 6. Here we have detailed a few of them.

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    How To Bypass iPhone 6 iCloud Lock With Unlock Tools?

    Here are the steps that you need to follow for bypassing the iCloud lock on your iPhone through unlock tools.

    1. First of all, you’ll have to download some unlock tool compatible with your iPhone 6 on your Mac or PC.
    2. Next, run the unlock tool on your machine and keep clicking Next until installation wizard completes.
    3. After the installation, the shortcut icon of the unlock tool will be available on the desktop. Just run it as administrator.
    4. In next window, Check the option for scanning and finding any connected devices as well as enabling connection with mimic Apple server.
    5. Next, you’ll need to provide IMEI number of your iPhone 6 and your email address in designated spaces for each. Select an appropriate Server for your iPhone.
    6. Finally, Agree to service provider’s terms and conditions and press the Unlock button. Now your job is over, the unlock tool will take over from here and do all the rest for you. Once the setup completes, the iCloud lock will be lifted and you’ll be able to set it up afresh.

    Deleting iCloud Activation Lock On Your iPhone

    There are a couple of scenarios that you will need to look into when deleting the activation lock. Both of them are described here.

    If Your iPhone 6 Is Erased

    To begin with, ask the seller to enter the Apple ID login details on “Activate iPhone” screen in order to remove their account from iCloud on your device. If somehow it is not possible to have them do this physically, just get in touch over a phone call, may be, and request them to perform following steps for removing your new iPhone 6 from their iCloud account.

    1. Sign into iCloud with their Apple ID.
    2. Browse to the “Find my iPhone” option.
    3. Choose “All Devices” for opening devices linked to the iCloud account they are using and then select your iPhone 6 to delete it. Now click on “Remove from Account” and the device will be removed. As soon as they do that, you can restart your iPhone to set it up again.

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    If Your iPhone 6 Is Not Erased

    If the phone has not been erased already then you will have to ask the seller to do that by going to General in Settings and then to Reset option. Here they can tap ‘Erase All Content’. In case, if it’s not possible to reach out to them, contact them over a phone call and have them perform following steps for deleting iCloud lock.

    1. Login to iCloud with Apple ID the phone is locked to.
    2. Browse to the “Find My iPhone” option.
    3. Choose “All Devices” to open the devices’ list and find out all the devices linked to that particular iCloud account. Now select the device that is intended to be deleted.
    4. Click on “Erase iPhone”, and keep clicking Next until the phone is completely erased.
    5. Now click on “Remove From Account”.
    6. Finally, restart your iPhone and set it up from scratch.

    So, try any of the above mentioned iPhone 6 iCloud lock bypass options and make your new iPhone your own. Lift all the restrictions and get rid of all the possibilities of your iPhone being misused.

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