Compare iPhone 6 And 6s – Is The Upgrade Worth It

    When you compare iPhone 6 and 6s, apparently the two look very much the same. However, that is not the real thing about the two devices. Though the two devices have that same curvy structure, a bit unattractiveantenna lines towards the back, as well as same 4.7 inch display, but 6s really comes with that great camera flaunting 4K recording feature, quicker CPU and 3D Touch.

    But is it really worth the upgrade? Let’s do a fair comparison of the two devices and try to find out which one you should stick to.

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    Compare iPhone 6 And 6s Design

    Compare iPhone 6 And 6s

    Let’s take a quick look at designs of the two devices

    iPhone 6s:

    iPhone 6:

    Thickness: 7.1mm Thickness: 6.9mm
    Weight: 143g Weight: 139g
    Back: Series 7000 Aluminum Back Back: Series 6300 Aluminum Back
    Color: Space Grey, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold Color: Space, Grey, Gold, Silver

    Though iPhone 6 still looks great but comparing it to other iOS devices that we have had by now it is certainly not up to the mark. With its highly curved sides, plastic antenna bands, and the camera lens that sticks out, the device really lacks the glamour that comes with Apple devices.

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    Taking many iPhone enthusiasts by surprise, iPhone 6s hasn’t come with much improvement with the design. You’d say it is even worse with a couple of features being heavier and thicker. However, one major improvement that you ought to appreciate is the use of better material in making its back – i.e. series 7000 aluminum rather than series 6300. With this, the phone has become a bit sturdier and avoids those “bend-gate” issues.

    iPhone 6 And 6s Screen Comparison

    iPhone 6 And 6s Screen Comparison - Compare iPhone 6 and 6s

    iPhone 6s:

    Screen Specs: 4.7 inch, 326 ppi, 1334×750 IPS LCD, 3D Touch, 504 nits brightness

    iPhone 6:

    Screen Specs: 4.7 inch, 326 ppi, 1334×750 IPS LCD, 504 nits brightness

    As you can see in the screen specifications for both the devices mentioned above, the only difference that exists is the 3D Touch that has been included in the iPhone 6s. Other than that the two devices have the very same, pretty decent display screen. Though not the very best on market, still it is a vibrant, crisp and bright display that you get on both the iPhones.

    The improvement in iPhone 6s is, however, made to the way one can use it. Just like Force Touch that comes in Macbooks and Apple Watch, 3D Touch is a sophisticated feature introduced in iPhone 6s.

    3D Touch feature detects the pressure applied on your iPhone screen and iPhone 6s uses it in a great way. You can get a kind of right-click effect when you press hard on the icon of some app and some shortcut options appear as a result. It can also be used for previewing photos, emails and links. Third party app developers can do many different things to make this feature more usable.

    In fact, the small increase in the thickness of iPhone 6s is the result of 3D Touch. But believe it or not, it’s well worth it.

    iPhone 6 And 6s Performance Comparison

    iPhone 6 And 6s Performance Comparison - Compare iPhone 6 and 6s

    iPhone 6s:

    Processor: 1.84GHz A9 64-bit dual-core processor

    RAM: 2GB

    GPU: PowerVR GT 7600 GPU

    iPhone 6:

    Processor: 1.4GHz A8 64-bit dual-core processor

    RAM: 1GB

    GPU: PowerVR GX6450 GPU

    Name any iPhone before 6s and you will find that it has 1GB RAM at most. Increasing the RAM to 2GB can really show great improvements on any device. If you’re a long time iPhone user then you will definitely notice great benefits.

    Activate 3D Touch using multi-tasking menu to go back to some app or web page and you’ll still find them in the memory, all set to go. iPhone 6, however, required everything to be loaded again.

    Talking about performance, a major upgrade has also been made to the processor by replacing that old A8 processor with powerful A9 chip. Though a general upgrade from Apple that comes every year, it has made overall performance of the phone quite snappier.

    The CPU power has also been increased by 70% while a great 90% performance increase has been observed in GPU performance. What this GPU performance means can be observed later when the App Store offers apps that really stretch your iPhone.

    Compare iPhone 6 And 6s Camera

    Compare iPhone 6 And 6s Camera

    iPhone 6s:

    Camera Features: 12mp rear cam, dual LED ‘True Tone’ Flash, phase detection, 4mp front cam, 4k video recording

    iPhone 6:

    Camera Features: 8mp rear cam, dual LED ‘True Tone’ Flash, phase detection, 1.2 mp front cam, 1080p video recording

    Talking about the camera, it is probably one of the major improvements that we have seen in the new iPhone.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    In iPhone 6 there was 8-mp rear cam combined with greater pixels for allowing more light coming into the shots. Though the cam gave impressive results but they were not as impressive as what we could have using some of the popular Android devices available on market.

    With iPhone 6s, Apple made an attempt to beat the challengers with its 12mp iSight camera. You can now have images with greater detail and it even goes into your videos with 4K video recording. In fact, you can shoot smoothest of 4K videos with your iPhone 6s and we’ve not seen anything like that from any other smartphone available.

    When you compare iPhone 6 and 6s camera, the FaceTime selfie camer also shows significant improvement with its 5mp version compared to 1.2 mp in previous model. The screen can also be used as your dual-tone front-facing flash to have really better selefies.

    iPhone 6s also introduces the new Live Photos feature which was never there in the previous iPhone models. When you snap pictures using this feature, you automatically record 3-sec short video to give you a kind of gif image. This certainly translates into more powerful moment captures.

    iPhone 6 And 6s Battery Comparison

    iPhone 6 And 6s Battery Comparison

    iPhone 6s:

    Battery Specs: 1715 mAhnon-removable battery

    iPhone 6:

    Battery Specs: 1810mAh non-removable battery

    Despite all the improvements made to the new iPhone 6s, it lags behind on battery. Though it is quite uncommon to hear that a new model has something degraded, but it happened this to for accommodating the latest Taptic Engine which powers the 3D Touch in your new iPhone 6s. So, the battery capacity has now been reduced to 1715 mAh compared to 1810 mAh battery in iPhone 6.

    However, the claims from Apple suggest that the two phones have similar battery life due to Low Power option and power efficiency of iOS 9 in iPhone 6s. And, in our opinion, it’s correct to a great extent. We haven’t seen any major difference in the battery life on both the phones while giving them same kind of usage. With Low Power enabled you can extend the battery life a great deal.

    A Look At iPhone 6 And 6s Storage

    A Look At iPhone 6 And 6s Storage - Compare iPhone 6 and 6s

    iPhone 6s:

    Internal Storage: 16GB/64GB/128GB non-expandable storage


    Internal Storage: 16GB/64GB/128GB non-expandable storage

    With all the changes that have been made in the new version, the internal storage still remains the same. However, with different capabilities of iPhone 6s increasing, 16GB may not be the best option to start with. Rather, it should have been 32GB to give you enough space on your iPhone to store those live photos, 4K videos and more detailed standard photos.

    iPhone 6 and 6s TouchID Comparison

    iPhone 6 and 6s TouchID Comparison - compare iPhone 6 and 6s TouchID Comparison

    TouchID is the fingerprint scanner in both iPhone 6 and 6s. You can use it for unlocking your new iPhone every time you use it. The speed of TouchID is, however, increased in the 6s release of Apple iPhone and it has now been doubled. The new TouchIDis probably more accurate and consistent as well.

    The increased accuracy and speed of TouchID appears to be quite useful in everyday use considering the frequency of one unlocking their iPhone. The speed of the new TouchID is such that you may not even be able to check the time without simply unlocking the iPhone.

    So, we’d really want to give an A+ to the new TouchID in iPhone 6s.

    Our Verdict

    According to apple they have changed just about everything in the new iPhone 6s and they are probably right when they make the claim as well.

    Our Verdict - Compare iPhone 6 and 6S

    The new iPhone 6s comes with a different and tougher material when we talk about its build and the screen also offers new system for input. 3D Touch also makes the phone a lot better than the previous version and speeds up everything on your smartphone.

    As for speed, doubling up the RAM and introducing really quick processor, Apple has really made great strides forward to make the 6s feel tangibly quick.

    We’d say iPhone 6s really is a better phone on all the major fronts and outsmarts the older iPhone 6 in several different ways. The only thing that might go against it is that somewhat tubbier build.

    So, the last thing you might want to do is to compare iphone 6 and 6s price and decide which one you’d want to go with. But we’d say if you are looking to buy new iPhone, the 6s release is certainly worth spending your money on.

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