How To Delete Pictures On Your iPhone/iPad At Once

    Most of the iPhone/iPad users use their devices primarily for taking pictures as well as capturing videos. These media usually eat up lots of space on these devices and when someone has his storage filled up they just select a few photos and remove them for clearing up the space. However, if you are a Mac owner as well then you can easily delete all the images or videos that might be present on your iPhone/iPad in one go with the help of Image Capture app.

    Here are the steps that you need to follow for deleting any pictures on your iPhone together.

    How To Delete Pictures On Your iPhone/iPad At Once

    1. First of all you need to make sure that you have taken backup of the device to avoid any loss if things go wrong. It is advised that you should Plug in your iPhone/iPad to Mac computer and import the new images or videos to Photos in case if something is missing from the library. Obviously you’d never want to delete single copy of some important moment like your child’s birthday.
    2. Once you are ready to delete all the photos, open Image Capture app on your Mac. You can simply find it in the Applications folder. Afterwards, the device might have to be unlocked so that Mac can access all your stuff. After that you will be able to see it in the side bar of Image Capture app.
    3. You can now delete all the pictures on your iPhone/iPad by selecting all from the items list shown in Image Capture. Click prohibitory button that you can see at the bottom and everything will be gone.

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    Common keyboard shortcuts for OS X apply here as well for selecting different items. You can hold the down command for choosing several items; if you want to select a series of items then you can click on the first, hold down shift, click the last item; You can press Command-A for selecting everything as well. When beginning to delete your stuff, you will get a warning from Mac. But you can confirm deletion if you are sure what you are doing. In case of deleting lots of images together, progress bar will show up as well.

    How To Delete Pictures On Your iPhone/iPad At Once

    Here it is important to mention that if you have your photos on the iCloud Photo Library then you may not be able to delete pictures using the method mentioned above. When you are using this feature then you are showna small cloud icon next to your device in sidebar. Plus, there is no delete button shown towards the bottom of the window.

    In such a scenario you will have to go to Settings > Photos And Camera in your iPhone/iPad and there you will have to turn off “iCloud Photo Library” and restart your device. Doing so will remove all the synced pictures. Anything that might be remaining afterwards can be seen in the Image Capture app where you can easily remove them using the procedure mentioned above.

    So, reclaim your important space on your iPhone or iPad if you are already running low on it.

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