How To Disable ‘Press Home To Open’ In iOS 10?

    It is quite natural for one to go after the latest in technology every time a major upgrade is released from the manufacturers of a device that they may be using currently. Same is the case with iPhone/iPad users. With the release of iOS 10, many went for the upgrade straight away. If you are also among those who have upgraded their device to iOS 10, it is very much possible that you might have noticed your phone to behave differently. That’s particularly the case with unlocking your iPhone using home button.

    Revamping the notification system in iOS 10, Apple has also changed the process of unlocking your iPhone as well as opening it. Though you now need to “Press Home to Open” but still you can revert the new settings and stick to what you used to do in iOS 9 for unlocking and opening your iPhone.

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    What Is This “Press Home To Open” All About

    What Is This “Press Home To Open” All About

    The iPhones with iOS 9 used to get unlocked and opened if the user had pressed the home button. As a result, the user would go directly to last running application or home screen. However, things have now changed completely with the release of iOS 10. When you press the home button for few seconds, all it does is unlocking your iPhone. The iPhone does not open by doing so. Only lock screen shows up where you can see the notifications if you have any. For accessing home screen, the user is required to use “Press Home to Open” feature.

    The reason behind introducing this new feature is that the sensor used in iPhone 6s TouchIDwas way too quick. One would just have to put the finger on Home button and before they could read any notifications the iPhone would unlock and take them to the Home Screen.

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    Now even though this issue has been fixed with the “Press Home to Open” feature in iOS 10, many iPhone users still prefer the previous method of unlocking their iPhone. Well, there is nothing so hard to get back to the previous setting and Apple very much lets iPhone users to switch back to the previous setting.

    How To Disable ‘Press Home To Open’ in iOS 10

    How To Disable ‘Press Home To Open’ in iOS 10

    If you want to change settings to the way they were in iOS 9, here are the steps that you need to follow.

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap on the General option
    3. Find Accessibility and Tap on it
    4. In Accessibility Options you’ll find Home Button, Select it
    5. Enable “Rest Finger To Open”

    When this option is disabled, it means that you will have to “Press Home to Open”, however when you will enable it then you switch back to iOS 9 settings where resting your thumb on Home Button will not just unlock it but open it as well. You will be taken to the last running application or home screen with this simple action.

    So, if you are not yet open to this particular change in iOS 10, go to the settings and change your home button behavior. You don’t necessarily have to stick to it.

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