Don’t Install Developer Betas On Your iPad/iPhone, Apple Watch or Mac Unless You’re A Developer

    If you are too impressed by all the announcements made by Apple at the 2017 keynote event and are just about to install the developer betas to your device, think twice! It is to remind you that these betas aren’t meant for your primary Apple devices.

    Unless you are some developer and have your secondary Mac or iPhone ready to work on, it is strongly recommended that you should not install the developer betas as they will brick your devices and they may not work properly thereafter.

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    It’s true that iOS 11, tvOS, mac OS High Sierra and watch OS that are all set to release this fall will have some really great features to offer to the Apple community. However, the ones released currently are beta seeds and are still in the testing phase. They are very likely to affect the performance of your device anytime and may even crash or slow down the third-party apps you may be running.

    However, if you are a developer and need to have the beta version on your device, you can take backup first and then install whichever flavor you want on your auxiliary device.

    So, be smart and if you, at all, have to install the betas you should proceed with extreme caution. Ideally, choose secondary devices for running these betas.

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