A How To Guide For Using Siri On Apple Watch

     Siri is your personal digital assistant across all your Apple devices be it your Mac, Apple Watch or your iPhones/iPads. In a way, it frees you a lot of space on the screen by taking keyboard out of the equation. And, as your assistant is contextually aware, Siri on Apple Watch can really handle your complex commands and questions. That being said, it really is one excellent addition to your Apple Watch and allows you to have more control over what you want to do and, above all, you can input commands more conveniently than any other possible input method.

    Well, if you are wondering how you can use Siri on your Apple Watch? Here is a detailed how to guide for you.

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    How You Can Setup Siri On Your Apple Watch

    Siri on Apple Watch is tied intrinsically to the iPhone you are using. If you have used Siri ever on the iPhone then it will be activated automatically on Apple Watch as well. But if you are looking to set it up for the first time on your Apple Watch, here is how you can do that.

    1. Launch Settings on iPhone
    2. In Settings, tap on Siri
    3. Tap On/Off slider for enabling Siri for Apple Watch and iPhone

    How You Can Setup Siri On Your Apple Watch-A How To Guide For Using Siri On Apple Watch

    How You Can Use Siri Assistant On Your Apple Watch

    When it comes to using Siri, a couple of options are available to you. You can either go manually by activating Siri with Digital Crown or you can take the automatic routeby activating Siri with the “Hey Siri”command. Regardless of the option you take for activating Siri on your Apple Watch, you just need to bear in mind that things are processed through the iPhone. So, your iPhone must be connected to Wi-Fi or a solid cellular data network for Apple Watch to process all your commands without any issues along the way.

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    Also, remember that if you are using cellular data network then Siri make take some moments for properly processing your requests. As you speak, you might be prompted with quick “Hang On…”prior to Siri taking your query. You can just relax and wait then until your watch taps on your wrist as soon as processing has been finished.

    Siri on your Apple Watch is not the same as you have on iPhone because it only shows texts on your Apple Watch screen while responding to your queries and doesn’t talk to you back.

    Using “Hey Siri” On Apple Watch

    Everyone knows what “Hey Siri” does on an iPhone. Yes, it activates Siri before it starts taking your queries. But here is how you can use siri on Apple Watch.

    Using “Hey Siri” On Apple Watch-A How To Guide For Using Siri On Apple Watch

    1. Raise the Apple Watch and take it close to the face (or, in case if you have disabled wrist raise, tap the screen and wake the Apple Watch first).
    2. Now, say “Hey Siri” to your watch and then put forward the query that you want Siri to process for you.

    If things are not working fine, remember that “Hey Siri” activates only in few seconds after the screen of the Apple Watch gets On.

    Manually Activating Siri On The Apple Watch

    Just like you have the option of manually activating Siri on iPhone, you can do the same on your Apple Watch as well. Here is how you can do that.

    Manually Activating Siri On The Apple Watch-A How To Guide For Using Siri On Apple Watch

    1. Press Digital Crown of your Watch and hold it.
    2. Simply, put your query to Siri now or command it to do something.

    How You Can Setup Siri Watch Face in watchOS 4

    The latest watchOS 4 that has been introduced by Apple offers Siri watch face for your Apple Watch. The new watch face doesn’t just offer ease of access but also offers some watchable, quick cards that feature information which might prove to be the most important for the Apple Watch users. Here is how you can setup the new watch face on your Apple Watch.

    1. Tap the display of your Watch or raise the wrist for activating it.
    2. Firmly press the display of the Apple Watch you have on your wrist.
    3. There are several watch faces available on the Apple Watch and you should keep swiping to left side until you are at the end.
    4. Now tap + button.
    5. You’ll see a list in alphabetical order, scroll through it until you find the Siri watch face.
    6. Tap on Siri watch face as you see it.

    How You Can Setup Siri Watch Face From Your iPhone

    As we said earlier, Siri in Apple Watch is actually linked with the iPhone that you are using. So, you can also setup the watch face through Watch App that you have on the iPhone that is running latest iOS 11. Here is how:

    1. Launch Watch App from your iPhone
    2. Switch to Face Gallery tab by tapping on it
    3. In the section labeled “New in watchOS” tap Siri
    4. Now tap on Add button
    5. Next, tap on My Watch tab
    6. In My Face, scroll towards left of the screen
    7. Tap on Siri
    8. Select the Top Right and Top Left complications
    9. Select the Data Sources
    10. Finally, tap on Set as Current Watch Face so that you can start using it

    How You Can Activate Siri Manually From Watch Face InwatchOS 4

    Siri watch face can be used in watchOS 4 for easily activating it on your device. You will have to use the custom complication of the watch face for that. Here is how to manually do that.

    1. Raise the wrist or simply tap the display of your Apple Watch for activating it.
    2. Tap Siri complication that you can see in top left side of the Siri Watch Face.
    3. Now, you can tell Siri what to do or simply put your query forward.

    How To Trigger Siri Reliably And Quickly

    Due to all the room noise as well as other potential external factors, it is not possible to trigger Siri reliably all the time. Here are some tips that you can consider in this regard.

    1. Keep Digital Crown Pressed And Force Siri Into Listening

    This little trick can change your Siri experience altogether. Though you don’t always have to do that but when you hold Digital Crown as you speak to Siri, it ensures that your entire statement is understood by Siri. This thing really comes in handy when you are in some noisy environments and Siri can’t figure out always that if you have finished or not.

    1. Use Screen Taps To Add Some Reliability To “Hey Siri”

    For battery concerns, Apple Watch listens to “Hey Siri” only after the screen wake. That, unfortunately, makes things a bit frustrating for you – especially when the screen has been configured in way that it wakes after wrist raise but you are unable to phrase your query as quickly.

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    So, a better option for you is to reset this entire process by putting the palm over your watch screen for a brief moment and turning it off, and then re-raising the wrist for waking it up. Afterwards, you can say
    “Hey Siri.”

    1. When Wearing The Watch Make Sure That Microphone Face Out

    Does Siri not understand whatever you say? Well, you might be in need of the “Reverse Crown” orientation for your Watch. In this orientation, the watch stays on the left wrist. However, digital crown is flipped towards lower left side. This way your speaker and microphone move to right side and come closer when you try to speak into them after raising the wrist.

    Do You Have A Full-Featured Siri On Apple Watch

    Yes, Apple has provided you with Siri on your Apple Watch but it may not be the exact equivalent of what you have on iPhone. Nevertheless, Siri can still do quite a lot of things for you on your Apple Watch and even communicate with iPhone Siri when it can’t provide you with what you may be in search of. So, not really a full-featured Siri, but still it can do a lot on your Apple Watch.

    How You Can Use Handoff For Switching From Apple Watch Siri To That On Your iPhone

    Handoff is a feature that lets you to start something one device but then finish it on some other device. It’s compatible with all the devices including, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. Some things are there that can’t be done by Apple Watch and probably the small screen of the watch might be hindrance. But Siri doesn’t give up that easily as it redirects your requests to iPhone so that you get what you are looking for.

    How You Can Use Handoff For Switching From Apple Watch Siri To That On Your iPhone-A How To Guide For Using Siri On Apple Watch

    It is possible to enable Handoff for Apple Watch using your Watch app that you are running on iPhone. Here are some simple steps that you need to follow for that.

    1. Launch Watch App on the iPhone
    2. Click on My Watch tab
    3. Inside the tab tap on General
    4. Now, keep scrolling down until you find Enable Handoff and then tap on the switch for enabling this feature

    As soon as you have enabled the feature, it will be possible for you to use the digital assistant on Apple Watch for almost anything you want to find out. And, if it is something that your Apple Watch can’t handle then Siri will simply ask you to switch to the iPhone for getting what you need.

    So, that’s all about using Siri on Apple Watch and trying out different tricks for making the most of it. Hope you’ll find all this information quite helpful for you. Just let us know in comments.

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