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How To Make Your Own Memoji in iOS 12 And Start Using It

The new iOS 12 from Apple is around and it actually comes with a lot of wonderful things to be happy about and upgrade your iOS device to it instantly. If you have always loved Animoji, ever since they have arrived, you are surely going to love the upgrade we have as part of the new iOS 12.

If you are not yet aware of one of the coolest upgrades from iOS 12, the Memoji, it is essentially an Animoji but there’s a major difference that using Memoji will allow users to customize their on-screen avatar so that it can look very much like them.

Now, that’s something quite fancy and it’ll be at its best when you will use it as head replacement for FaceTime and other such stuff. So, with this new feature expected to make things a lot more fun for the iOS users, why not check out what it has to offer and how it will take things further for the iOS users.

How To Make Your Memoji?

Similar to Animoji, you can find Memoji in your Messages app on the iOS device. Though it is somewhat weird, it is how Apple wants the things to go. When you are in the Messages app, you can tap Animoji icon before scrolling to the extreme left where you’ll find the new Memoji option.  Tap on it and as soon as you do that you’ll be able to access the area to create your own Memoji. There you have the option of choosing just about anything be it the hairstyles or lip coloring or anything in between.

How To use Your Memoji

We are sure that you will definitely create something good enough that resembles closely with you using all those tools that have been provided. Nevertheless, there will be further additions coming up to it later on through promotions. For example, who wants to put their favorite baseball team’s cap on?

How You Can Use Memoji?

Once you’ve been able to create something that resembles to you very closely, you can now use it the way you like. Within that Animoji app inside Messages, you can select your own Memoji that you have created and start to make faces. Make sure that you check out that latest tongue detection feature which has arrived with iOS 12 – it’s quite spiffy. Now, you need to press that record button right there and it will allow you 30 seconds for weaving your own story. As soon as you are done with it, you can hit that same button once again and there you go. Whatever you have recorded right now will be sent to the recipient. Yes, it’s like magic.

You may be wondering what you can do if you need a bit more time? Wait, there’s something you can do. While still not leaving Messages, tap camera icon from the list of options. Now, select video option before tapping that little star towards bottom-left of the screen. It will reveal quite a few different options and Animoji is certainly most pertinent of them all. Tap on it and select your own Memoji before tapping on cross icon towards top right of the screen. Now, you can begin recording and it will be your Memoji that will reflect everything you do. Once your recording is completed, you can press the Done button and the video can be sent as you normally do.

What’s even better is that Memoji can be used in real-time as well with FaceTime video calls. Whether it’s a one-participant call or there are multiple people engaged in a group call, you can take advantage of this fun new feature.

At least for now, you will be in need of iPhone X to be able to take advantage of Memoji. However, that is bound to change as we go on in 2018 and new hardware arrives. Whatever the case, you will really have fun with the introduction of this new feature in iOS 12. Start using it and you’ll explore it even further.

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