How To Shoot Videos With Your iPhone in Portrait Mode

How To Shoot Videos With Your iPhone in Portrait Mode

Apple introduced Portrait Mode in iPhones back in 2016 and it’s been working great ever since. However, there was an aspect that still needed improvement – video recording in Portrait mode.

As of now, the stock Camera application in Apple’s iPhones does not support video recording in Portrait mode. So, if you have been looking for an alternative to achieve that functionality, you can resort to Focos Live. The app is just tailor made to offer the function you’ve been waiting for.

The app can be downloaded from the iOS app store all for free and will allow you to record high-quality 720p videos without breaking your budget. However, if you want to enjoy even better quality – i.e. 1080p or 4K – you will have to spend $14.99 for an in-app purchase. What’s even better is that the app also offers a subscription model as well.

The app is actually the video version launched by the famous Focos App. And, the ability of capturing videos in portrait mode using bokeh effect and a wide aperture, it’s definitely going to be the next big thing in computational photography. The wonderful app allows you to make unlimited customizations to any portrait video you capture, and you’d also be able to change its aperture whenever you want.

The app also comes with some amazing video editing capabilities, huge flexibility, and some great functions which you may not find in any other app out there. With adjustment layers and keyframe available for all the options, it is just a perfect addition to your video editing arsenal. Navigating through different options is pretty easy as well both for the experts and the beginners.

Now that’s something promising, right? A test video has already been released and it really looks great. However, as of now the app does not have any stabilization features which means you can expect to create some bouncy content using Focos Live. Whether stabilization features will be added to the future versions or not is yet to be seen.

Still, the app is a wonderful choice for anyone who wishes to add a bit of bokeh style to their videos.