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How To Generate New iCloud Recovery Key?

If there is 2-step verification enabled for the iCloud account that you have, you’d probably know that an iCloud recovery key will be needed should you forget the password that you had initially set for your account. This recovery key allows you to reset the password for your iCloud account. And if you somehow lose your recovery key and don’t find any chance of remembering the key anymore then you should immediately generate your new key. The point can’t be stressed more if you believe that someone else might have revealed it and they may use it to reset your password. So, if you want to generate a new key, it’s just the matter of minutes and needs you to follow a few simple steps to have a new one ready.

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How To Generate New iCloud Recovery Key?

How To Generate New iCloud Recovery Key

So, here is the process to generate the new key but you should bear it in your mind that the method works only when you know the password. If you don’t even know that then this method will not work. It is simply the way of resetting your recovery key not your iCloud password.



  1. Visit using your web browser
  2. You’ll see “Manage Your Apple ID” button on the right, click it
  3. On next screen, provide your Apple login details and sign in to continue
  4. Select from available options and verify your identity
  5. You’ll be sent a verification code on a device trusted by you, enter that code to proceed
  6. Click the “Password & Security” option in navigation menu on the left
  7. Now click “Replace Lost Key” and then click Next
  8. Set the recovery key and keep it somewhere safe now as your old key won’t work anymore
  9. Confirm to activate the new key

How To Keep Your Recovery Key Safe?

How To Keep Your Recovery Key Safe

So, that’s the simple process for generating new recovery key for your iCloud account. It is recommended that you keep your key safe. You can do that by writing it down or getting a print out to put it in a safe. Or you can simply secure your iCloud recovery key with 1Password app where you keep all other important login details and similar stuff.

Remember that if someone gets access to the recovery key to your iCloud account, they’ll be at inching distance to accessing your account. So, protecting it is important and you should do just that. If you doubt that it has got leaked, immediately generate a new key using above mentioned steps.

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