Instagram For iPad – What Options Do You Have?

    If you are an Instagram fan then you must be using it all the time for posting your picture updates from your iPhone. But have you ever thought of doing the same from your bigger gadget i.e. the iPad? Well, there is no official Instagram app that allows you to take advantage of the bigger screen of iPad. So, what you can do then if you want to use instagram on your iPad? Well, you really don’t need to worry as there are several alternatives available that give you access to instagram for iPad. Let’s try to find them.

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    Use iPhone App To Have Instagram For iPad

    First option that we have here to use Instagram on iPad is basically a workaround that solves most of the problem for you. You can simply use the iPhone Instagram app to take advantage of the social sharing network on your iPad. This may not be the best option if you really want to enjoy the original iPad resolution because the app is actually designed for the iPhones that, obviously, have lower resolution as compared to iPads. However, if you are okay with that then you can very well use your iPhone app to have instagram for iPad.

    Even here you have a couple of options. Here are the steps that you will have to follow to install Instagram using first option available.

    1. Launch App Store from your iPad
    2. Tap on ‘Purchased’ icon that you can see at bottom of App Store screen
    3. As soon as all the purchased apps appear, you can tap on ‘iPad Apps’ towards top right side of screen
    4. Tap to select iPhone apps.
    5. You’ll now be able to scroll down and find the Instagram app and simply tap on download button for getting it on your iPad.

    Note: Remember here that this trick will work if you have installed Instagram on your iPhone already and it exists in the purchased list.

    The second option is downloading Instagram for iPad from scratch. Here is how you can do that.

    1. Launch App Store
    2. Tap on Featured tab that you can see at bottom left of your screen
    3. Search Instagram and you’ll notice there is no original app available
    4. You can tap on iPad Only at top right of the screen and instead select iPhone Only

    Congratulations, you’ll now have the Instagram app available and you can install it on your iPad. Just download it as soon as the popup shows.

    Use Instagram Online From Your iPad

    Now this option is a personal favorite for many only because of the fact that it doesn’t require any workarounds. All it takes is an online login to Instagram from your iPad. You don’t really need to download Instagram to your device if you opt for this option but will have to browse every time and login to use the Instagram features.

    Use Instagram Online From Your iPad

    There are some limitations here, however. The biggest of the lot is that you can’t capture photos and upload to your Instagram using this method. All you can do is to view, comment and like photos already on Instagram but can’t post them at all. But if you are okay with this limitation then here is how you can take advantage of online Instagram for iPad.

    1. Open browser on your iPad and enter the URL in address bar
    2. You’ll be taken to the online Instagram website
    3. Just tap Login and enter your Login credentials to get access to your account. You can also tap on ‘forgot password’ link if you don’t seem to remember your password so that you can be taken to recover page
    4. Once you’ve logged into your Instagram account online, you can access your feed on Instagram right away.

    Use Alternatives Available To Access Instagram For iPad

    If you don’t seem to be comfortable with any of the options mentioned above, you can think of using some of the alternatives that give you access to Instagram for iPad. The limitation here, however, is again that you can’t use these alternatives for uploading videos or photos to your Instagram feed. All you can do is viewing photos, commenting on them, liking and sharing them with the friends. So, if you can live with that, let’s try to find out which alternatives are the best to use Instagram for iPad.

    1. Flow


    Flow offers quite a similar interface as that of official iPhone Instagram app. On left side of the screen, you can find tabs for timeline, favorites, personal profile, bookmarks, discover and search. There’s a photos & videos grid from where you can browse through everything easily using right/left swiping gesture. If you tap them, you will be able to view them full size along with likes, description and a comment section.

    Flow gives you several different toggles that you can use for accessing different settings like smart preloading, auto play videos, and usernames in the feed. Besides, there’s a follow Flow option as well. You also get a shortcut for launching official app of Instagram and an option to clear cache.

    You can download Flow for free from App Store and may even choose to upgrade to the Flow Plus version for just $2.99. With Flow Plus you get access to extended home feed, unlimited bookmarks, multiple accounts and the dark and light themes. You may even choose to download videos and photos with this as well.

    1. Padgram


    It’s one of most popular options that give you access to Instagram for iPad. You can use the app for viewing photos as well as videos on grid which you can see in both portrait and the landscape modes. When you tab a thumbnail, you are able to see photos/videos in full size along with their description, comments and likes. With Padgram you can also save videos and photos to the Camera Roll. Besides, it is also possible to share stuff on Facebook, Tumblr, Evernote, Pinterest, Pocket, and more.

    From the left side menu you get access to personal profile, photos, likes and the downloads. There is a Photos on Map tab that allows you to check out videos and photos from users belonging to the area where you live. Here you can also tap on ‘Post a Photo’ for switching to official app of Instagram. Padgram allows you to explore the popular photos and you can also choose to tap different categories like pets, nature, kids, girls, fashion, food, architecture and cars. You may even subscribe to some of the popular users and hashtags.

    Though it’s a free app but you can also have access to a paid version with no ads and the options like video downloads, multiple accounts, smart downloading with no restrictions, unlimited tag and user subscriptions and a passcode lock.

    1. Instapad


    Another video and photo gallery application to access Instagram for iPad, Instapad displays your videos and photos in the form of grid just like the options given above. You can also view them in full size as well but there are in-app banner ads that may annoy you if you do not choose to upgrade to Pro version. If you can spend $2.99 on Instapad, you can access Instapad Pro that gives redesigned Retina user experience, comment translations, geo-location maps, full-screen slideshows, no ads, and tag searching along with many similar useful features.

    The interface, however, is a bit frustrating compared to the options given above but still it’s worth a mention here. You get a shortcut for commenting on every photo, liking it or even sending it in the form of postcard. It even allows you to easily track your photos from the Profile page as well.

    If you’re looking to use a free version, you can access one as well. So, if the above mentioned apps don’t meet your requirements then this one is certainly recommended.

    So, don’t worry if you don’t have official Instagram for iPad app. You can use any of the above mentioned options as an alternate. Just enjoy sharing your photos and viewing others’ right from your iPad.

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