How To Download And Install iOS 11 Public Beta 2

    As we all know, iOS 11 Public beta 2 is now available for download and public testers can now have it on their iOS devices to check out the new beta release of the OS. It is fairly straightforward to install the new operating system beta and we have described the entire process here in easy steps.

    Note that we still have early betas of iOS 11 to work with. Though the new features are there but some performance issues might also be expected like overall instability of the system and detrimental performance of the battery. So, it is definitely worth noting all these things before opting to install the new OS on your device.

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    Also, before you begin installation of the new iOS 11 beta, check to find out if you have got a compatible device or not. It is equally important to take backup of all the data that may be there on your device using iCloud or iTunes before you proceed with the installation.

    How To Download And Install iOS 11 Public Beta 2

    Here are the steps that you should follow to install iOS 11 Public Beta 2 on your device.

    1. First ensure that you have latest iOS version available publicly installed on your device. As of now, you should have iOS 10.3.2.
    2. Also, you should register with Apple Beta Software Program if you haven’t done that already. Head to continue.
    3. After signing up with the beta program, you should go to login with your account details.
    4. Accept the terms of user agreements and proceed by clicking ‘Accept’ button. If you have the time and want to read the entire agreement, go through it or download the document by clicking the ‘PDF’ link.
    5. Enroll your iOS device in Apple’s beta program now. For that, you will have to go to
    6. When prompted, login with your account details using which you registered with the Beta Software Program of Apple.
    7. Tap the Download Profile button for accessing your configuration profile. (Note that if your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone then a pop-up window might appear and ask you to select the device on which you’d like to install this Profile. Choose iPhone here.)
    8. When the Install Profile page prompts you, tap on Install button to continue. You will have to enter passcode of your device for proceeding further.
    9. You will now see a Consent form, just tap on Install button in top right corner of the screen to agree and continue. Confirm by tapping Install button on next screen as well.
    10. When asked to restart your device, tap Restart button for restarting the device and completing the process of profile installation.
    11. As soon as your device restarts, launch Settings app and go to Software Update section in General tab.

    Now, if you see your Configuration Profile there then it means that your device will now automatically search for any beta and public updates. As it prompts you to upgrade your device to iOS 11 beta, tap the Download and Install button and it will automatically install the update.

    As soon as the installation is completed, your iOS 11 device will restart to complete the installation.That’s all about it; you have successfully installed the public beta on your iOS device.

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