Apple Confirms iOS Security Glitch That Will Affect Most iPhone Users

Apple just released its best iPhone 2020 a few days back, but now the iPhone users need to be really careful – whether you’re using a new iPhone or an old one. Well, the reason is that the smartphone manufacturer has confirmed a serious security loop hole in the iOS which is going to impact just about every iPhone out there.

The security issue was identified in the devastating report published by the security company ZecOps and it claimed that all the iPhones running iOS 6 or later can be attacked remotely. Apple has confirmed this security glitch now, raising concerns for the millions of iPhone users around the world.

So, what this security issue is all about? ZecOps discovered a major vulnerability in the Mail app of iOS that lets attackers to infect iPhones remotely to get control of their inbox. Furthermore, the security firm didn’t just reveal that these attacks  may happen without the device owners even known about them, but they’ve been happening for over a couple of years already. They detected first such attack to have taken place in January 2018.

Well, it doesn’t stop here! The security firm has also revealed that these attacks can be performed far more easily on the iOS 13 in comparison to the older iOS versions. For instance, it is explained in the report that on devices running iOS 12, all the attackers would require iPhone users to do is to open some malicious email. Making it simpler in iOS 13, the attacks can be triggered unassisted only with the Mail application running in the background.

Fortunately, the confirmation has come from Apple that they’ve been able to patch this vulnerability and it won’t be there in the new iOS 13.4.5 beta version. As it appears, the smartphone manufacturer will also accelerate the release as well.

Before the patched version comes out, ZecOps has suggested a few ways for iPhone users to stay protected against such attacks. They can either disable their Mail App or use some third-party Mail application instead. They’ve recommended the use of Gmail and Outlook as they aren’t vulnerable to this exploit and will allow you to use your iPhone safely and without any issues whatsoever.

Even though all the rescue work has been done, the fact remains that a major security glitch managed to run through eight generations of iOS and it’s certainly an eye-opener for those at Apple. Something should have been done by Apple’s own security team over the years to identify these issues and patch them before it could have been exploited or come to notice of anyone else. Besides, it means that just about every single iPhone being used these days has been impacted by the security glitch. That’s because Apple had released iOS 6 for all the iPhone devices except the original ones released back in 2007 and iPhone 3G which came after them.

Let’s stay safe and wait for the security patch to arrive!

Source: Forbes

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