iPhone SE 2020 Is Here, Check Out All The Specs And Details & Everything To Know

    Apple’s latest iPhone SE 2020 has arrived and it offers nothing less than most other high-end devices out there in this price range. If you have always wanted a smaller smartphone, this device is tailor made for you. The low-cost iPhone is named simply iPhone SE instead of iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9. With price starting at only $399, you can expect your new iPhone to have a speedier A14 Bionic chip, Touch ID sensor, wireless charging, and 4.7” Retina display. That’s certainly worth an upgrade from your older iPhone 8.

    iPhone SE 2020 Features And Specs

    If you’re already planning on buying a budget iPhone, let’s run you through all the iPhone SE 2020 features and see what it has on offer.

    1. Design

    The new iPhone SE 2020 shares most of the design features with the iPhone 8 as it comes with thick top/bottom bezels and a 4.7” display.


    The front camera cutout, speakers, and the accompanying sensors are included in the bezel on top. The Touch ID Home button is placed at the bottom covered inside a sapphire crystal.

    Just like iPhone 8, the new smartphone features all-glass body with rich color depth. It uses an aluminum band matching the device’s color for holding the glass body and display together.

    The back side of the new smartphone is equipped with a microphone, and Led flash, and a rear camera with a single lens.


    Towards the left, you can find volume buttons and a mute switch. Towards the right, there’s sleep/wake button. The speaker holes and the Lightning port is placed at the bottom while it gets rid of the headphone jack like other prior iPhones.

    The new 2020 iPhone SE is the smallest iPhone available today with 138.4mm height, 67.3mm width, and 7.3mm thickness. Still, it is larger than the older iPhone SE.

    Color Options

    The new iPhone is available in space gray, white, and (PRODUCT) Red colors. All the variants have front panels in black.

    Color Options

    Water & Dust Resistance

    The new iPhone SE 2020 comes with IP67 water and dust resistance rating. So, it is completely dust-proof and can last 3.3 ft. under water for around 30 minutes.

    It can also withstand rain, splashes, and little accidental exposure to water. However, if intentionally exposed to water for a longer period than recommended, the phone will be damaged.

    Touch ID

    All the flagship iPhones now come in all-glass design featuring Face ID. However, to cut the costs, this new iPhone SE variant still offers older Home button with Touch ID configuration.

    There’s a sturdy sapphire crystal covering over the Touch ID sensor for ensuring optimum protection. Touch ID can be used for unlocking, filling in the passwords using iCloud Keychain, opening password-protected apps, confirming purchases on the App Store, and also for confirming transactions made via Apple Pay.

    1. Display

    New iPhone SE mimics the 4.7” display from the older iPhone 8 and offers 1334×750 resolution with 326ppi and 1400:1 contrast ratio.


    It also features multi-touch, true-to-life colors, P3 wide color support for rich, and 625 nits maximum brightness.

    True Tone

    It’s a True Tone display that relies on ambient light sensor for detecting lighting in the room. The device’s color temperature as well as intensity is then adjusted for matching the light to ensure a paper-like, natural viewing experience to reduce eye strain.

    Haptic Touch

    The new iPhone SE 2020 comes with the Haptic Touch feature which Apple uses in all the high-end devices including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    For most part, Haptic Touch is similar to the 3D Touch, but it’s not pressure-sensitive and doesn’t extend support for multiple functions in every press. Instead, it is described as long press or ‘press & hold gesture with haptic feedback’.

    Like 3D Touch, it can be used across the operating system to perform most of the tasks that could be done with its 3D counterpart like previewing Safari links, expanding the notification options, accessing extra features from the Control Center, etc.

    1. A13 Bionic

    iPhone SE is at par with the latest iPhone devices when it comes to the A13 Bionic chip. According to Apple, it is the fastest chip they’ve produced for a smartphone ever. It is powerful and power-efficient.

    A13 Bionic

    The chip features an octa-core Neural Engine that offers real-time video and photo analysis. There are a couple of Machine Learning Accelerators included as well to let the CPU run 6-times faster and deliver above 1 trillion operations every second.

    It also powers the smartphone’s Face ID, camera system, augmented reality applications, and more. A Machine Learning Controller helps balance out efficiency and performance.

    Storage Space

    This new iPhone SE comes in 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB storage variants.


    The new iPhone comes with 3GB listed RAM number.


    1. Cameras

    For cutting down the costs, the 2020 iPhone SE comes equipped with only one lens in its rear camera. However, it adopts a few technology features from the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. So, the photos can be expected to be much better than what you could have with iPhone 8.

    It comes equipped with 12mp wide-angle camera with f/1.8 aperture and features like optical image stabilization, next-gen Smart HDR, and wide color capture to ensure better highlights and details.

    Portrait Mode & Portrait Lighting

    Despite having a single camera, the new iPhone SE supports Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting along with Depth Control features with the help of its image signal processor and Neural Engine.

    Video Capabilities

    With the cameras in iPhone SE, you can shoot 4K videos at 60 fps. It also offers 24 fps and 30 fps settings alongside 1080p and 720p video capture modes.

    Optical image stabilization is also available for videos while extended dynamic range support is on offer up to 30 fps.

    It also includes QuickTake video feature to let users record quick videos simply by pressing and holding the camera button in photo mode. Slo-mo and Time-lapse modes are available as well.

    Front Camera

    The new smartphone comes with a 7mp front camera with f/2.2 aperture and support for Portrait mode as well as Depth Control even without TrueDepth camera system. The feature is enabled with the help of monocular depth estimation and machine learning.

    It can record 1080p videos at 30 fps and supports QuickTake feature as well. There is also support for auto image stabilization, Retina Flash, auto HDR, wide color capture, and Burst Mode.

    1. Battery Life


    The new iPhone comes with 1821mAh battery – almost the same as in iPhone 8. You can expect the battery to last for around 13 hours of video playback. It can be around 8 hours in terms of streaming video playback and around 40 hours with audio playback. Overall, that’s good enough.

    Fast Charging

    This new iPhone offers support for fast charging as well. So, you can expect your battery to be charged up to 50% within only 30 minutes. For fast charging, USB-C power adapter will be required and it must supply 18 watts power at least.

    Wireless Charging

    The glass body of new iPhone SE features in-built wireless charging coil and extends support for Qi-based wireless charging.

    1. Connectivity

    The following connectivity features are on offer in the new iPhone SE.

    Gigabit LTE

    Gigabit-class LTE is supported in the new iPhone with 2×2 MIMO as well as LAA. It extends support for all the LTE bands supported in iPhone 11.

    Dual-SIM Support

    It also comes with Dual-SIM support allowing users to use two numbers simultaneously. It includes an eSIM and a physical nano-SIM slot to enable Dual-SIM features.

    Bluetooth & WiFi

    There is support for Bluetooth 5.0 in the new iPhone as well helping with faster speeds, longer range, bigger broadcast message capability, and improved interoperability with various wireless technpologies in comparison to the older version.

    The iPhone SE also supports WiFi 6 with 2×2 MIMO. You can download up to 38% faster with this latest WiFi protocol in comparison to WiFi 5.

    GPS & NFC

    It also supports GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and QZSS location services. Besides, the new iPhone features NFC with reader mode as well. It also extends support for Express Cards with power reverse.

    How To Buy iPhone SE 2020?

    The pre-orders for the new 2020 iPhone SE have already started since April 17th and the customers will start receiving their low-cost iPhones from April 24. Besides the United States, the iPhone SE will be launched simultaneously in 40 countries. You can also buy AppleCare+ for your new iPhone starting at $79 per year or $3.99 per month.

    Are There Any Trade-Offs With 2020 iPhone SE?

    Yes, you do have to make a few trade-offs when you buy the new iPhone SE 2020. It skips Face ID and camera night mode. Besides, you don’t get fast charging included in the package. Still, it’s a winner overall and offers great value compared to other cheaper smartphones.

    So, what are you waiting for then? Order your iPhone SE 2020 now and see what comes your way. You’re surely going to love this low-cost iPhone experience.

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