Best iPad Apps For Taking Notes

    iPad has really come on top as one of the best productivity gadgets available. You can do a lot of great things with your iPad and taking notes is one of them. Whether you are in boardroom or classroom, your little gadget will be right there for you. All you have to do is to choose the right app for taking notes as it can make or break your note taking experience. If you don’t really need those complex tools in your note editor then you can try a simple app but if you are a student, for instance, then you might need something a bit more advanced. Here we have detailed some of the best iPad apps for this purpose and you can choose one according to your specific needs.

    Best iPad Apps For Taking Notes

    Here is our compilation for some of the best note taking applications that can be used on iPad

    1. Evernote

    Best iPad Apps For Taking Notes

    It’s a perfect note taking app to do everything you want. It is free and available for all the platforms out there. Evernote even has the syncing capacity across devices that you use. It offers support for checklists, text notes, markup and annotation, reminders, collaboration, etc. It really is worth installing on your iOS device.

    1. Vesper

    Vesper- Best iPad Apps For Taking Notes

    When it comes to tagging and elegance, Vesper is your best shot in note taking apps for iPad. It offers support for images and text and allows for notes-syncing between iPad and iPhone. You can keep things organized with the help of tags and the layout that Vesper comes with is really beautiful and quite clean. The app may not provide you with all those advanced features that you might expect, but still is worth of an install. You can download it for $7.99 from the app store.

    1. Notability

    Notability- Best iPad Apps For Taking Notes

    It’s a perfect note taking application for students who want to make it all fun. With Notability, you can be able to sketch, write, draw and type your notes. Even audio recordings can be made with this wonder app. Notability even allows you to upload your photos or the PDF files and mark them up. All the activity done on this app is synced between iPad, iPhone and Mac. There are unlimited opportunities and that’s what makes this app great for students and the creative kinds. The app can be downloaded for $2.99 but the Mac version is available for $5.99.

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    1. Drafts 4

    Drafts - Best iPad Apps For Taking Notes

    With Drafts 4, you can be able to write text whenever you want and then move it to various other apps on your iPad be it word processors, social networks, calendars or communication apps. Available for $9.99, Drafts 4 really is a great app for keeping anything until you are able to find out its perfect use.

    1. Noteshelf

    Noteshelf- Best iPad Apps For Taking Notes-

    Noteshelf works best for archivists. It allows for both handwritten or text notes. It even offers annotation capabilities for PDFs. You can also use this app to fill forms and do a lot more. It even comes with great collection of pencil, pen and paper choices which are all simply unrivaled. It is available for download on app store and you can have it for only $5.99.

    1. OneNote

    OneNote- Best iPad Apps For Taking Notes.

    This note taking app is considered great for the Microsoft users. If you are already a user of Office 365 and other Microsoft products then OneNote is a perfect option for you. It works perfectly fine with all the packages that you are currently using. It offers support for images, text and to do’s.

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    It all comes with support for multiple notebooks, password protection and a powerful search feature. The best part is that it all comes for free and if you are already using Microsoft then you should definitely go for OneNote.

    1. Simplenote

    Simplenote- Best iPad Apps For Taking Notes

    Simplenote offers support for simple text notes and syncs them across your device. You can use pins and tags for keeping your notes organized as your notebook continues to grow. It is also possible to check previous notes’ versions if needed. The best thing about this app is its superfast ability of notes searching. It is probably the best app for text notes and is available for free.

    If you are looking for the best iPad apps that can fulfill all your notes-taking needs then you can simply pick one of the apps mentioned here. Each of these can serve at least one purpose at its best.

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