iPad Pro 9.7 Review – The Best iPad Ever Introduced

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    • Perfect Screen
    • Strong Performance
    • Slim And Attractive Design
    • Best Camera For iPads Yet


    • Multitasking isn’t the strongest part of iOS
    • RAM reduced to half of original Pad Pro

    iPad Pro 9.7 Review

    Our Verdict:

    Though not the best laptop replacement yet, but 9.7” iPad Pro certainly is the best ever iPad that has hit the markets so far. It gives you everything you need with its portability and tablet power.

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    iPadPro 9.7 Review

    iPadPro 9.7 Review

    Apple’s 9.7” iPad Pro is the superfast tablet that has taken many by surprise with its wonderful capabilities. It has made a point that though laptops might be your best option for working remotely, they still can be replaced. To discover more about the latest gadget from Apple, let’s dive deep into this iPad Pro 9.7 review.

    iPad Pro 9.7 Specs

    Ipad pro 9.7 review

    • Display:9.7”, 2048×1536
    • Pixel Density: 264ppi
    • Dimensions: 9.4×6.6×0.24in
    • Weight: 437g
    • Camera: 12MP
    • Front Facing Cam: 5MP
    • Storage: 32GB/128GB/256GB
    • RAM: 2GB
    • Colors: Gray, Silver, Rose gold, Gold

    iPad Pro 9.7 Design

    Ipad Pro 9.7 Review

    As far as the physical outlook of iPad Pro 9.7 is concerned, it’s pretty much similar to iPad Air 2. Both the devices have identical dimensions and weight and there isn’t any major difference in general design either. In the pro pad there are 4 speakers, two of which are on top while the other two are on the bottom. Bottom speakers have also been spaced a bit as a result of which they can produce richer sound, giving the users a lot impressive experience than what could be expected by a tab.

    iPad Pro 9.7 Review – Display

    Ipad Pro 9.7 review

    Coming to the display, the Pro Pad features an excellent screen and offers 9.7” LED display with 2048×1536 resolution. The users get to enjoy a lot sharper and saturated display. P3 color gamut support is what many professionals would appreciate. But if you’re an amateur then you may not find it of any interest to you.

    As for the brightness, it’s 100 nits brighter compared to the previous Pro Pad. Though it’s not really a big difference but the difference it can make is that you’ll be able to read easily when outdoors facing direct sunlight. If you love to read then you’d probably find this one a great feature to be included in your pad. Another important thing that has been added is True Tone Display. With the help of ambient sensor the light setting in your surroundings is determined and then your iPad’s screen color temperature adjusts automatically.


    The sound produced by the speakers used in Pro 9.7 is equally loud as it was in first model. To be honest, you won’t be disappointed by it at all. The software is also responsible for the quality of sound your iPad produces as it directs high as well as mid frequencies to speakers on the top while bottom pair takes care of the lower frequencies. As a result, a crisp sound is produced.

    iPad Pro 9.7 Camera Review

    iPad Pro 9.7 Camera Review

    Both the cameras have been enhanced in the Pad Pro 9.7 and now you get what you are getting with the latest iPhones. Rear camera now comes with flash and has been upgraded to 12MP from 8Mp of Pro 12.9 and Air 2. However, a slightly raised camera can scratch with the desk when your iPad is laid down flat.

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    As for the front-facing camera, it has been boosted dramatically as well and it is no more the typical 1.2MP camera we used to have with earlier models. The iPad Pro 9.7 features 5MP camera on the front and incorporates retina flash as well.

    The picture quality of both the cameras is also enhanced greatly and now you can take sharper and detailed pictures than what you could with the Pad Pro 12.9 or Air 2.


    Ipad Pro 9.7 Review

    The A9X processor that is featured in the iPad Pro 9.7 makes it really fast. Some tests prove that it is equally fast as iPad Pro 12.9 even with its reduced RAM. However, it is expected that the iPad Pro 9.7 will beat its older version in speed as soon as processor-intensive games and apps are introduced in the market.

    So, as far as our iPad Pro 9.7 review goes, it is a device worth having and comes with many improved features as compared to the older versions.

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