IPhone 6s Plus Review – What’s Still Best In It?

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    Pressure-Sensitive 3D Touch Too big for regular handling
    Strong Camera A bit expensive
    Better Battery Life
    Always-On Siri

    iPhone 6s Plus Review

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    If you have to rely too much on your phone camera then you should definitely go for iPhone 6 Plus. But only do so if you can really handle the size.

    iPhone 6s Plus Review

    Iphone 6S Plus Reviews

    I’m not a fan of big phones and usually want something that fits easily in the hand and the pocket but recently I’ve switched to iPhone 6s Plus for evaluating what it feels like. I was quite surprised to experience the benefits that this phone has to offer: bigger screen, better battery timing and higher resolution. That is why I’m writing this iPhone 6s Plus Review.

    What I like more about the iPhone 6s Plus featuresis that they make it feel something close to a tablet. Anyone who’s more into games and videos would really love this phone. But if you are a normal phone user then its size may discomfort you.

    Both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are very much the same but the larger model has some benefits to offer. The Plus model gives a bigger display compared to the simple iPhone 6s. As for the camera, though its resolution and sensor is same in both the models, the optical image stabilization makes the iPhone 6s Plus a better option. It gives better results even in the bad light conditions. And, with that bigger battery life, the extra cost is certainly worth bearing.

    iPhone 6s Plus Specification

    iPhone 6s Plus reviews

    • Display: 5.5” with 1080×1920 resolution
    • Dimensions: 2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm
    • Storage: 128 GB
    • RAM: 2GB
    • Weight: 192 g
    • Processor: 1840 MHz, Dual-core, Twister, 64-bit
    • Front Cam: 5mp HDR
    • Rear Cam: 12mp with Dual LED and 1/3” sensor
    • Battery Life: Up to 24 hours

    Colors: Gold, Silver, Gray, White, Pink

    IPhone 6s Plus Review – What’s Still Best In It

    iPhone 6s Plus comes with a strong, beautiful design and the issue of bent phones has been completely eliminated. The phones come with an even tougher aluminum body and are a sturdy make.

    The phone is quite slim and lightly textured which makes it have a better grip and easy to handle. The smooth and flowing curves give it a nice shape and let it fit in your hands nicely.

    The problem in design, however, lies in top & bottom bezels. Where other phones try to give a phone-like look to the models with screens as big as that of iPhone 6S Plus, it looks more like a phablet.

    Considering many iPhone 6s Plus customer reviews, people say that its height needs some time for you to get comfortable with. Even I needed almost a week for getting comfortable with my iPhone.

    3D Touch With Better Speed

    Iphone 6S Plus Review

    I would say that the new processor and 2GB RAM make the system speed feel faster, making the apps to load better – especially when you are swapping between different apps.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    3D touch makes the interaction with your phone a lot better and with pressure-sensitive iPhone 6s Plus display, you can really enjoy doing different things by pressing in on the screen. Whether it is web links’ previews or pop-out menus, this feature gives you a lot to enjoy your experience while using the phone. With its ability to measure different pressure gradients, you can use it with some of the popular art apps.

    iPhone 6s Plus Battery Life – A Lot Better This Time

    The battery life of the 6s plus is something to talk about. In fact, I’d prefer the same battery to be introduced in the 6s version of the phone.

    For normal usage on a given day, you’d not need to have it charged twice. However, as the day ends, you might have to switch to the power-saving mode to make the most of it.

     Iphone 6S Plus Reviews

    I tested the battery with video loop, playing it on airplane mode, and I was amazed that the battery didn’t panic me for almost 12 hours. Cut almost 2 hours for the same with iPhone 6s. Though the difference may not appear to be too big but when you use your phone in real-life setting then you’d prefer something that lasts at least a day without needing to be recharged.

    For a phone as big as 6s Plus, battery lasting a whole day is quite a thing to digest. And it’s amazing, literally. However, despite all this praise, I’d still like to prefer the smaller 6s phone if it had a bigger battery like 6s Plus.

    6s Plus Call Quality

    The iPhone 6s Plus comes with a very clear and loud ear speaker accompanied by noise-cancelling microphones. This ensures maximum clarity of voice at both the ends.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    The speakers used in iPhone 6s plus are great. You’d love to catch-up with your favorite TV shows on the big screen of your 6s Plus and with these perfect speakers. However, the problem lies in their location. The speakers are placed at bottom of this phone and you can easily end up muffling them with the palm while holding your phone horizontally.

    Iphone 6s Plus Review

    So, my overall view is that there are quite a few things that can be praised about this big phone but I’m still a bit comfortable about the size of it. Had it been on a bit smaller side, with all the great features that it currently has, I’d have really fallen for it and it would have been a lot better option than many other phones on market of the similar sort.

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