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    Apple TV really is one great addition to your TV setup that already exists. Your Apple TV allows you to play videos, movies and music from your iPad, iPhone using AirPlayor you can browse through plethora of games and apps available on the App Store of Apple TV. But have you ever thought of extending this functionality even further? Yes, that’s very much possible if you opt to jailbreak Apple TV 4. So, let’s dive directly into why and how you should go for a jailbreak.

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    Why Choose To Jailbreak Apple TV 4?

    Well, if you are not sure whether you should try jealbreaking your Apple TV or not, here are some potential benefits that you can enjoy by choosing to jailbreak your device.

    1. On a jailbroken device you can be able to install different third party apps and also change the files stored already on your TV.
    2. One of popular third-party tools is the Fire Core app which lets users to try all the different kinds of apps right on their Apple TV.
    3. Airplay can be used for streaming media that you might have on various iOS devices of yours.
    4. Jailbreak enables you to install Kodi, LastFM, Pandora Radia, Nito, Hulu, XBMC, etc.
    5. Access different file types that are not available on the non-jailbroken devices, like .MKV, .AVI, etc.
    6. Use different USB devices on your Apple TV.
    7. Making the most of your iPhone/iPad by extending its features to serve as an HD remote control to be used with Apple TV.

    So, now that you know all the benefits that you get to enjoy by opting for a jailbreak, you should definitely consider this option. Though there may be some drawbacks, but the list is so small that you can easily ignore it. Also, if you are somehow not satisfied with your jailbroken device then you can easily reverse the process to bring your device back to its normal state through Restore option in iTunes.

    Talking about the potential issues that you might have to experience during the jailbreak, the system might crash or you may force you to restore the device.

    How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4?

    The process for jailbreaking Apple TV 4 is a bit different and comes with some limitations as well. Though it offers access to all the apps available after the jailbreak, it is a tethered jailbreak the users will have to do it again after turning their Apple TV off and then turning it back onevery time.

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    However, it still shouldn’t be a major issue as the Apple TVs are always plugged in most of the times and they only get into the ‘sleep’ mode instead of shutting down completely.

    Also, just like it is the case in second generation Apple TV, Apple TV 4 jailbreak works only on tvOS10.0 – tvOS10.1. If you have tvOS 10.1.1 installed on your Apple TV 4, or have a later version, then it won’t work for you as Apple patched the jailbreak in its later updates of the OS. Nevertheless, here are the steps that you should follow for jailbreaking your Apple TV 4.

    1. Download liber TV jailbreak and Cydia Impactor on your PC or Mac.
    2. Connect your device to PC or Mac with the help of USB-A or USB-C cable.
    3. After launching Cydia Impactor, drag/drop liberTV file on it so that it can load. Once it does, click the Start button for beginning the process of installation.
    4. You will be asked to enter your Apple login credentials that will allow the app to be installed on the Apple TV after signing it successfully. Though there is nothing wrong in using your personal Apple credentials, but if you want to play extra cautiously then you can simply create a new Apple ID that you can use with the Cydia Impactor.
    5. Afterwards, Cydia Impactor should install liberTV on your device that is ready for the jailbreak. As soon as the installation completes, disconnect the device from your PC/Macand simply plug it into the TV set.
    6. LiberTV app will now be available on the Apple TV. You can launch it by tapping on the icon.
    7. On the next screen, select your jailbreak options and then tap on ‘Do it’.
    8. It will start the process of jailbreak and will be completed within few minutes. Once the setup completes you will see ‘Success! Your TV has been liberated!’ message on your TV screen. If the setup fails and the TV reboots, just retry following same process. You may have to try several times before you are able to jailbreak your Apple TV successfully.

    So, that’s exactly how you can jailbreak Apple TV 4 and the potential reasons as to why you should go for the jailbreak as well. The limitations have been outlined as well, so you can easily decide whether you want to go for the jailbreak or not.

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