How To Jailbreak iPhone 7 – Tips & Tricks

    Many people often ask why they need to jailbreak their iPhone. Well the answer lies inherent in knowing what this jailbreaking thing actually is. Jailbreaking basically refers to iOS jailbreaking and, as Wikipedia says, it’s a process that removes any software restrictions that might be placed by iOS. The iOS usually places such restrictions on iPhones that are run with the help of various software exploits. With jailbreaking, iPhone users gain root access for file system of the operating system and can modify the system files, download new apps, unlock network, and have new themes and extensions which are not accessible through App Store through Cydia. So how to jailbreak iPhone 7 and get all these advantages of jailbreaking? Well, we’ll get into that but let’s first discuss a couple of other aspects of jailbreaking.

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    Some Must-Know Facts About iPhone Jailbreaking

    How To Jailbreak iPhone 7 - Tips & Tricks

    There are quite a few concerns that people have in their minds when they are looking forward to iPhone 7 jailbreak. Let’s take a look at these and try to find out the answers.

    1. Is Jailbreaking iPhone 7 Legal?

    Yes, it is very much legal in US as well as many other countries.Even if the law in your country does not give you any kind of definite statements about this, you do not really have to worry about bending or breaking the law. The reason is that if some legal action has to be taken by Apple then it won’t target you rather it will be against the developers who first came up with jailbreaks.

    1. Does Jailbreaking Cause Any Damage To Iphone 7 Warranty?

    No, it doesn’t. You can very much use the warranty of your iPhone by restoring it using iTunes. After the restore, the iPhone will return back to factory settings and nobody can tell if you have a jailbroken iPhone or not.

    How To Jailbreak iPhone 7 Running iOS 10

    How To Jailbreak iPhone 7 - Tips & Tricks
    So, if you want to jailbreak your iPhone 7 that is running iOS 10 then you really need to follow the steps given here. Do the preparations first as advised and then move on to the jailbreak process.


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    In order to prepare for the jailbreak process, follow these simple steps.

    1. Start by taking back up of your iPhone 7. It is really important to avoid any kind of loss if some unwanted event takes place during the jailbreak process. Use iCloud or iTunes for taking backup of all the data stored on your device.
    2. If you want to be successful with the iPhone 7 jailbreak, you will have to turn off several features like Passcode, Touch ID and Find My iPhone.
    3. Install the latest version of iTunes on your iPhone 7.
    4. Next, you need to download some iOS 10 compatible jailbreak tool on your Mac or Windows PC. Here we’ll go with the Pangu jailbreak tool. However, you can also use SnowBreeze, TaiG, Evasion, etc.

    Jailbreak iPhone 7 With Pangu

    How To Jailbreak iPhone 7 - Tips & Tricks

    Once you have done all the preparations, it’s now time to continue with the actual jailbreak process. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

    First check this one:

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    1. Start by running Pangu jailbreak for iOS 10tool on your PC or Mac. Just make sure that you run it as administrator.
    2. Connect the iPhone to your PC. Generally, Pangu automatically detects your iPhone. As soon as your phone is detected, click “Start” and the jailbreak process will begin.
    3. Once you have clicked the “Start” button, you will have to follow the instructions as they appear on screen. It is advised to enable the airplane mode on your device because you will be prompted several times to unlock the iPhone.
    4. When you see “Jailbreak completed” on Pangu window, the iPhone should restart and the Cydiaicon should appear on homescreen. It’s your new “App Store” for your jailbroken phone. However, you can still be able to use Apple’s App Store.
    5. Once you have Cydia available on your iPhone 7 screen, you can use it for downloading iPhone 7 jailbreak tweaks. Just open it and configure on your phone and you’ll then be able to download lots of different tweaks and apps that might not be available otherwise.

    A Couple Of Handy Tips

    How To Jailbreak iPhone 7 - Tips & Tricks

    People often complain that they encounter runtime errors when they run Pangujailbreak tools. Well, that’s nothing to worry about. First, you need to check if iTunes is installed on your computer or not as the error usually appears when Pangu is unable to find required files. But if you have iTunes and you still get an error then try following things.

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    1. Uninstall Apple Software Update, iTunes, Mobile Device Support, Apple App Supportand Bonjour
    2. Restart the computer and reinstall iTunes
    3. Once the installation is complete, run the Pangujailbreak app again and now there won’t be any runtime errors.

    That’s it, you have jailbroken your iPhone now and can try installing different apps and tweaks as you may like. It is advised, however, to first turn on Passcode, Touch ID and Find My iPhone.

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