How to Make Your Old iPhone Look Like The New iPhone X

    It’s almost a week before new iPhone X from Apple is made available for sale. However, as the release is drawing near, it appears to be going further away considering the news of shortages that we’ve been hearing lately.

    If you’ve been waiting anxiously to get your hands on latest iPhone release from Apple, you must have found the experience quite excruciating. Sometimes, however, it is simply not possible for one to pick up a $999 smartphone. What if there was an alternative? What if we say that you can give your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s a whole new look? In fact, you can make it look closely like upcoming iPhone X. Yes, that’s very much possible.

    Make Your Old iPhone Look Like The New iPhone X

    Everything ApplePro, a YouTuber, has shared his recent video detailing exactly how your older iPhones can be made to look like the new iPhone X. Though it won’t become the same, but will closely resemble it for sure. In the process you need two-pronged attack in which both the software and the hardware will be required for trying and making the illusion to look almost real. Beginning with hardware, the YouTuber used some kits designed for replacing iPhone 6/ iPhone 6s rear panel to make them resemble iPhone X. There’s even a fake camera setup aligned vertically on the phone’s back. As it will need you to grab a screwdriver and disassemble it, therefore, it’s not for squeamish obviously.

    However, if you follow it through then you’ll definitely have quite an impressive end result.

    Leaving hardware aside, if you’re willing to change the dock, lock screen, and different other elements of iOS to make them look more like what they are in iOS 11, then you’ll need to opt for a jailbreak. Some jailbreak tweaks are also outlined in the video as you will need these for getting full effect. One from amongst these tweaks will even give you that faux notch right on top of the screen.

    Obviously, that’s not something which everyone would like to do. However, if you want to try it out and have an iPhone lying around idle, you can use it for trying that out.

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