New 41mm And 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 Bands Leaked Photos: Check Out Now

    As the rumors are afloat that Apple is set to increase the screen size in its upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, the leaked Apple Watch Bands photos seem not to confirm this.

    The pictures of new bands have been leaked online and they appear to be in 41mm an 45mm configurations.

    The first band seems to be made of leather as DuanRui shared it on Twitter.

    These images were taken from Weibo – a Chinese social network – and they clearly show a leather band with 45mm printed on it. It is, however, zoomed-in too much that you can’t really confirm what you are looking at.

    Another tweet from the leaker Majin Bu, however, shows a picture of a blue Nylon Braided Solo Loop that is printed with 41mm. With these tweets we get an impression that mass production of Apple Watch bands has started with the bands to be made available in same sizes as we had previously and only the sizing information has changed.


    It supports previous reports that 40mm and 44mm bands may still be used with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7. It also implies that the new Apple Watch would work fine even with the older bands as well.

    If things go exactly as expected, Apple is set to announce its new Apple Watch Series 7 in the next few weeks. According to some reports, there is an impression that the announcement will come alongside that of iPhone 13 in September. However, the Apple Watch 7 announcement is more likely to come in October so that Apple’s hero product may not be overshadowed.

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