How To Remove Credit/Debit Card From Your Apple Pay

When Apple Pay was first launched, there were only a few credit/debit cards available from the participating financial companies and the users were forced to find some compatible cards for simply trying it out. But with Apple Pay increasing its reach and large number of banks offering compatible cards, one may want to detach the cards that they had linked earlier. They may be willing to do so for simplifying things with the digital wallet they’re using or just replacing cards which are not used anymore. Though one can add a new card fairly easily but it may be hard for them to remove one. So, here we have provided you with the entire process of doing so.

Removing Cards From Your Apple Pay

How To Remove Credit/Debit Card From Your Apple Pay

Follow these steps for removing cards from your Apple Pay.

  1. Launch Passbook first to see cards currently listed in your Apple Pay.
  2. Now in the list that shows up, select the card that you want to remove.
  3. Tap small ‘i’ alphabet on bottom right corner of your screen to reveal info window for the card. (Info window may vary a bit depending on the card in question but it usually displays your recent transactions, card-specific info, notification settings and some links to various resources like privacy policy and contact info for the card issuer.)
  4. Scroll down this info window and you will see Remove Card button with red-colored text.
  5. Just tap this button and then confirm your action to remove selected card from your Apple Pay.



Remember, however, that when you remove a card you will remove all the transaction history with that. So, it is better to note down all your important transactionsif you don’t have any other option available to track them later.

How To Remove Credit/Debit Card From Your Apple Pay

Apple Pay does not restrict users from adding the cards they have removed earlier at all. If a card is removed because it’s not valid anymore then it is okay but if there was some other reason for removing the card you can add it again any time in future.

So, no worries at all, you can do little tricks with your cards anytime. However, just be cautious about the info you’ll be removing with your card should you opt for that option.