Rumors Suggest Apple iPhone 13 Might Come With A Smaller Notch Eventually

Rumors Suggest Apple iPhone 13 Might Come With A Smaller Notch Eventually

Apple introduced iPhones with a notched design starting from iPhone X. Ever since, it’s resided right there on all the future iPhone models. It was where the Face ID was housed and until Touch ID wasn’t there, Apple couldn’t have removed it. According to a leaker, however, the smartphone manufacturer might be introducing new iPhone models, starting next year, with a smaller notch.

The anonymous leaker who goes by the twitter handle @UniverseIce suggests that the iPhone 13’s notch can be expected to get smaller compared to all the previous iPhone models and also shared an image illustrating that point.

The image shows a new smaller notch that won’t get any narrower, and rather will be shallower compared to the older models. So, we can’t exactly say how much of a difference it’s going to make, but we’d be happy to take whatever comes our way.

The notch size on iPhones never changed since the feature was added to iPhone X and, therefore, this would be a notable improvement to iPhone 13 if it comes through. With the device’s status bar a bit deeper than its notch already, it is still debatable, however, as to whether this smaller notch design will make a difference from functional aspect or not.

Apple’s iPhone 13 won’t be launched until September-October next year and that means we have lots of time available to ponder over this new design. After all, it’s just a leak as of now.

The iPhone 12 launch is what’s closing in for now and all the focus is on the upcoming iPhone 12. The announcement is expected to come through at the October 13 event next week. Stay tuned, and hope all the rumors we’ve heard about the new iPhone were accurate.

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