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How To Use Safari Status Bar In Mac OS

Safari really is a wonderful browser for Mac users and there are many great features that the users love about it. There is one great feature, however, that is disabled by Apple by default i.e. Safari Status Bar. The latest Status Bar offers useful dynamic information and lets you know all the basic details about different links before you even open them. So, read on and find out what Status Bar tells you and how to enable it on Safari in Mac OS.

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What Status Bar Is For?

What Status Bar Is For

Take a look at these visuals to better understand how status bar can help the Mac users while browsing online. The screenshot below shows that when you hover the cursor at some link, the status bar at the bottom shows details of the link. For instance, in below image it confirms that the link actually goes to Rick Sanchez’ page on Wikipedia.

It will help you if you are not sure about the credibility of a website and think that it may lead you to pages that you won’t like to browse.

How To Enable Safari Status Bar In Mac OS
How To Enable Safari Status Bar In Mac OS

If you want to enable Status Bar in Safari here are the steps you should follow.

  1. Launch Safari
  2. Click View in menu bar right at the top
  3. In the menu you will see Show Status Bar option, Click it to enable status bar

As an alternate, you can also use Command-/ as shortcut for enabling or disabling status bar in Safari.

Status Bar Changes When Holding Modifier Keys

Status Bar Changes When Holding Modifier Keys

Status Bar in your Safari browser isn’t just for telling you where you’ll be going by clicking a certain link in the browser window. It also tells you the result of actions you take while pressing certain modifier keys. For instance, below you can see the result of holding Command and hovering at a link. You can see status bar telling that if you click on the link it will be opened in new tab.

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In the below example, the status bar is displaying a message that if you click the link while still holding Shift Key then the link will be added to your Reading List.

So, different actions can make the Status Bar act in a different way. The browser also lists some of its controls linked to modifier keys in Safari > Preferences >Tabs as well. You can easily check them there.

How To Use Safari Status Bar In Mac OS

So, Safari Status Bar can really prove to be helpful for you as far as safe and efficient navigating is concerned. However, if you are still not convinced enough to use it or just have your own reasons for disabling the status bar, you can simply toggle it off in View menu.

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