How To Set Custom Downloads Folder In Mac

    It is a common sight for mac users to see brimming Downloads folders on their devices. This doesn’t just look ugly but also makes it harder to locate files on your mac if you download something from the internet. However, you’d be pleased to find out that the location where your downloaded files go can be changed easily for all the major browsers if their default setting sends everything to the Downloads folder. The process for changing the folder to which your files are downloaded is also pretty much the same in all the browsers that you can use on Mac.

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    How To Set Custom Downloads Folder For Safari

    How To Set Custom Downloads Folder In Mac

    Let’s first discuss how you can change the folder for your Downloads in the built-in browser for Mac, Safari. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Launch your Safari app
    2. Click on ‘Safari menu’ that you can see in screen’s top-left corner
    3. Click ‘Preferences’ in drop-down list that shows up
    4. In Preferences window select ‘General’ tab. Here you can change the “File Download Location”
    5. You can choose either ‘Desktop’, ‘Ask for each download’ or ‘Other’ (If you choose other, you’ll see open/save dialog box where you can choose the desired folder)

    How To Set Custom Downloads Folder For Firefox

    How To Set Custom Downloads Folder In Mac

    For Firefox the starting procedure is very much the same as for Safari. Let’s take a look.

    1. Launch Firefox and then click on its name in upper-left corner to open the menu
    2. Click Preferences
    3. In “General” tab you’ll be able to see ‘Save Files To’ option in front of which you will have default selected folder and a ‘Choose’ button for setting a custom option.
    4. So, for changing the folder, you will have to click ‘Choose’ button to specify the folder location or you can pick “Always ask me where to save files” option.

    How To Set Custom Downloads Folder For Chrome

    How To Set Custom Downloads Folder In Mac

    In Google Chrome you may find the process a bit different and harder. However, it begins with pretty much the same steps. Here is what you need to do:


    1. Launch Chrome
    2. Click ‘Chrome’ menu right at the top
    3. Choose ‘Preferences’ in the menu that shows up
    4. On ‘Settings’ tab scroll down until you can see “Show Advanced Settings”, now click on it
    5. In the new window, scroll down again and find ‘Download location’.
    6. Now click on “Change” button to set the custom downloads folder. (You can also set the browser to always ask where should it save your download)

    How To Set Custom Download Folder For Mail

    How To Set Custom Downloads Folder In Mac

    Besides the browsers, you may also have to download attachments from the Mail app. It also downloads files to your default Downloads folder. In order to set custom folder here too, follow these steps:

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    1. Go to Mail
    2. Open Preferences
    3. In ‘General’ tab you will see the Downloads folder
    4. Here you can select the desired folder for your downloaded files

    So, with all the possible apps that you may use for downloading your stuff set to custom download locations, your default Downloads folder will not get clogged ever again. The trick here is to set different locations for each app.

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