How To Setup Different Email Signatures For Each Account On iPhone/iPad

    iOS is the mobile operating system from Apple that is used on iPhones and iPads. The OS offers lots of different handy features that help iPhone/iPad users accomplish different tasks to enhance their experience with the device. One such great feature is setting up different email signatures for various accounts that you may be using on your iPhone/iPad device. With this, you can simply keep the “Sent from my iPhone” signature for your personal accounts but can use a customized version for your work email.

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    How To Add Different Email Signatures

    How To Setup Different Email Signatures For Each Account On iPhone/iPad

    So, here are the steps that you need to follow for setting up different email signatures for your accounts that you use on iPhone/iPad.

    1. On your iOS device, launch Settings app to start with.
    2. Keep scrolling down until Mail becomes visible and then open it.
    3. When you are in Mail Settings, scroll down to find “Composing” area and here select Signature. In front of Signature you’ll be able to see currently configured number of signatures on your device.
    4. In signature settings you have two options labeled “All Accounts” and “Per Account”. The first one lets you set one signature for all accounts while the second allows you to set a different signature for every email account on your iPhone/iPad. Click “Per Account” and you will see several boxes corresponding to each of your active accounts on the device.
    5. You can add signatures by tapping on text area below each email account where you can paste your desired information or can type it in. There is no word limit here and you signatures can be as long as you like or they can be as short as desired. You can opt to add your name only or you can give all your details like job title, contact information, etc.

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    A good idea is to add a detailed signature for your work account and you can opt for a simple one to go with your personal account. Similarly, your personal signature can be something casual while the one you opt for business or work account should have a more formal look. In short, the customizations you can do with these signatures solely depend on what you like and you can transform them in whatever way you want.

    Using Custom Signatures For Different Accounts

    How To Setup Different Email Signatures For Each Account On iPhone/iPad

    After setting the custom signatures for each of your email accounts on iPhone, just move out of the Settings application and close it. The changes you make are automatically saved. Now, if you want to test the new signature, compose new email with the Mail application using one of the accounts you just configured the signatures for. It will automatically show the signature that you had set up for that email account at lower end of your new message.

    If you don’t know which account is currently being used or you just want to switch to another account for sending the email, you can tap on “Cc/Bcc” for expanding all the options for composing new emails. Here tap on From field and type in a different email address.

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    When new email messages are composed using different accounts, you automatically get the email signature for each of these accounts as you had configured in the Settings. If you see a signature that was not intended for the account you are using to send the email, you can follow the procedure mentioned above and change the signature for that email account. Even if you are not comfortable with this new custom setting that you have just enabled, you can simply go back to single signature option for all emails by switching to “All Accounts” in the signature settings.

    Lastly, if you have a specific text that you have to include in few of your emails and you just don’t want to type all the text each time, you can try using built-in text replacement feature in your iOS 9. The feature allows you to quickly add some text, phrases or sentences that you use commonly. It turns out to be quite handy when you have to use some text that you can’t use as signature and only have to enter in few specific emails.

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