How You Can Share Photos Instantly Using Family Sharing On iPhone/iPad

    Family Sharing is quite a versatile feature of iOS which lets users share everything they want to be it their to-do lists and schedules or the purchases they make on App Store and iTunes. It lets you create a group of six members who are part of your family and then share things between them. Also, when it comes to purchases, the organizer of the group is responsible for making any transactions when individual members don’t have enough cash in their accounts. But among all that, Family Sharing lets family members to share their photos with all the group members instantly as well. With the help of iCloud Photo Sharing, the Family Sharing feature allows you to share your photos to one stream that is accessible to all the members of the Family Sharing group. Once you have set up your Family Sharing group and all the desired members have also joined, you just have to start sharing your photos as and when you like.


    Sharing Photos Using Family Sharing With Photos App On iPhone/iPad

    So, now that you’re ready to share photos using Family Sharing, here are the steps that you will have to follow for that.

    1. Ensure that you have enabled iCloud Photo Sharing
    2. Open Photos app using your iPhone/iPad
    3. Tap Shared tab that you can find in bottom navigation area.It is a cloud.
    4. Now tap on Sharing button that you can find in top left side of the screen for getting access to list of main Photo Sharing streams on iCloud
    5. Tap Family stream now
    6. Tap on ‘+’ sign
    7. Tap on photos that you’d like to share so that they can be added to the stream
    8. Tap on Done towards top right side of the screen when you’ve completed adding photos to the stream
    9. Enter some description of the post if you want to and as soon as you’re done with it tap on Post in popup window

    That’s all, your photos will now be available as part of the Photo Sharing stream to all the members of your Family Sharing group.

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