Shortage of OLED Display Chip Might Affect iPhone Production

    Samsung is facing issues with the production of OLED displays right now due to the chip shortage prevailing worldwide which might, according to a new report, hinder the production of Apple’s iPhone.

    A recent report from Nikkei mentioned that Samsung closed their manufacturing unit because of weather issues, causing chip shortages that will impact Qualcomm as well as their modern business.

    Shortage of OLED Display Chip Might Affect iPhone Production

    However, the situation with OLED panels is going to cause a lot of problems for Apple.

    “The Samsung Texas plant manufactures telecommunications chips for the U.S. semiconductor giant Qualcomm. The facility also produces chips for organic light-emitting diode panels and for image sensors.

    The supply crunch hitting Qualcomm will affect a wide range of smartphone makers that rely on the company for key components. Apple, which procures OLED panels from Samsung, could also face disruptions in ‌iPhone‌ production.”

    As of the moment, it is not very clear as to which iPhones’ production will be affected, but it’s quite likely that Apple’s complete lineup will suffer. It is believed that the company will likely be pushing their resources towards the most popular products and will shift their focus away from the products that don’t particularly sell as strongly.

    If the recent reports are to be believed, particularly the iPhone 12 mini is expected to see the production number slashed. Nothing is certain yet, though, and things will clear up in coming months.

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