The New Xcode Crash Log Shows An Unreleased Apple Silicon iMac

    We have already heard rumors about Apple working on a new iMac model, and the recent Xcode Crash log has now shown an unannounced product from the manufacturer.

    As Apple is planning to switch all its machines to the Apple silicon versions, the new iMac is expected to come out next from Apple.

    To top it all, the new Xcode crash log has just revealed an unannounced iMac machine that runs ARM-64 code. This upcoming desktop from Apple is discovered by the developer Dennis Oberhoff and he believes that the new machine is running a custom chip of its own.

    It’s been some time now since we’ve heard rumors of an iMac to feature Apple’s own custom silicon. It’s not a secret anymore either that eventually all the Apple computers will feature these new custom chips. It is yet to be seen, however, that if this new iMac will come equipped with an M1 chip in particular or there will be something completely new introduced with Apple’s next desktop.

    The screenshot of the crash log highlights very clearly that an iMac exists somewhere that runs ARM-64 and macOS 11.2.1.

    It’s not the first time that we’ve seen some unreleased Mac be revealed this way. Also, as Apple is now set to host another event somewhere during the next month, it is quite likely that the new Apple Silicon iMac might be coming up pretty soon.

    Recently, Apple had discontinued its iMac Pro line and, according to some, it happened because its benchmarks would’ve been destroyed by an upcoming Apple Silicon iMac.

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