How To Enable Type To Siri Feature In iOS 11?

How To Enable Type To Siri Feature In iOS 11

When Apple introduced iOS 11, it came with quite a few great new options and features. One thing that has a lot to talk about in new iOS is Siri. We now have a lot more improved Siri and there are quite a few things that can now be done with Siri in different apps which couldn’t have been possible before. It really makes your iOS 11 experience more user-friendly and accessible. At WWDC 2017, Apple took the opportunity to unveil a new feature in Siri called ‘Type To Siri’ and it can now be used in the iOS 11 betas.

So, if you don’t really like talking to Siri, and you still can’t miss out on your personal digital assistant, then you can simply try Type to Siri feature in iOS 11.

How To Enable Type To Siri

How To Enable Type To Siri Feature In iOS 11'

Here are some relatively simple steps that you can try for activating this new handy feature and making the most of your Siri experience.

  1. First, you will have to browse to Settings App on your iOS device and then go to General tab. There you can find Siri in Accessibility options.
  2. When Siri options will be opened, you’ll see Type To Siri there. Toggle it On for enabling the feature on your iOS 11 device. The default setting is Off for this feature.
  3. Now onwards, you will have to follow the same procedure for using Siri that you might already be familiar with. Long press Home button of your device for invoking Siri and with ‘Type To Siri’ enabled you will now see a conversational UI on which you can type commands to Siri. The standard keyboard of your device will show up and there will be a caption right on top saying “What Can I Help You With?”
  4. Now you don’t have to speak your commands into Siri, rather type them and communicate with your assistant. For instance, you can type “Launch the Twitter app”, or “what’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?” or anything that you want to ask your digital assistant.

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The feature works fine even if you are using some external keyboard with your iOS device and it really is a great option for those hardcore iPad users.

Despite all the great things about this new capability of Siri, there is one major downside and that is you can’t be able to switch between type and voice input quickly. It’s an accessibility feature and disables voice input until you repeat the process all over again and disable Type To Siri. Hopefully, this thing might change going forward and we might have a seamless experience using Siri with both Type and Voice input. But that’s how it is for now. You can find out more about latest features of Siri here (How To Use Siri Translations In iOS 11)