How To Turn Your iPhone Into NFC Card

NFC has been around for quite some time now and there are new things popping up about it of late. NFC chip that comes in iPhones is used only with Apple Pay up till iOS 10, unless you use some cydia tweaks, but quite a few things are there that can be done with NFC if it were open to the developers.

To be fortunate, we don’t really need to wait until Apple officially releases iOS 11 to the public for letting developers to be able to access system-level features. As always, jailbreak community has found a way to do that as well. A great example for that is NFCWriter  which allows iPhone users to program their device as they like and mimic various NFC-enabled features like NFC keycards.

Don’t really know what is it useful to for? Well, if you don’t yet know the power of NFC, bear in mind that your NFC keycard can allow you to have access to entire building where you work and the best part is that your iPhone will become your keycard instead of anything else. You might not believe it until you are actually able to do that but that’s exactly the power of NFCWriter.

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You need to go through a few steps for being able to do that, however. But before you proceed with the process, you will need to have a jailbroken iPhone with NFCWriter installed on it.

How To Make An iPhone Your NFC Card

Here are the steps that you will have to follow for being able to turn your iPhone into NFC Card.

  1. Scan your NFC-capable card with NFCWriter.
  2. Note down the serial number of your card.
  3. In Tag Emulation tab, provide the serial number of your card.
  4. Now, tap on Start Tag Emulation to complete the process.

Voila! You have successfully turned your iPhone into a keycard and can use it that way anytime you like.