Betternet ++ Download – How To Install It On iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

    With Betternet ++ download, the iOS users can get to enjoy limitless VPN security. The app offers some great functionality like connecting the users automatically to fastest available servers besides providing single-tap, straightforward VPN login. Though the users can enjoy this service for free but betternet++ comes as a premium app as well. There is a lot that this app has to offer and we’ll be discussing the benefits as well as how iOS 10 users can download Betternet++ and install it without needing a jailbreak.

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    Why Use Betternet ++

    Why Use Betternet++ And How To Install It On iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

    Before we get into the installation process, let’s first discuss why one should have this app in the first place on their iOS 10 device. Here are a few reasons that make this app worth installing on your iOS.

    1. Betternet ++ takes your privacy seriously and does not store any kind of logs as you browse the internet. The app doesn’t also keep or share any personal information about its users. One even doesn’t need to provide their email address while downloading it.
    2. Betternet comes as a Free app. There is no need to pay anything at all for having the best VPN security for your browsing sessions.
    3. Betternet offers great customer service to ensure that users get optimum level of customer support whenever they have to face a problem. All technical issues are responded to and resolved within just an hour.
    4. Betternet++ does not try to censor, monitor, filter or interfere with the activity of its users. The users can be sure that they are browsing and downloading anonymously from various websites without having to worry about anything at all.
    5. To ensure better privacy, Betternet offers AES256 encryption for OpenVPN. Shared IPs in hundredsare used to making sure you mix up with everyone else browsing alongside you and nobody knows your identity.
    6. Betternet relies on upstream providers which is an automated system server deployment and reports any recurring abuse from particular servers. To take care of the issue, Betternet ++ replaces the servers right away to ensure optimum speed. 
    7. Betternet offers impeccable customer service through Zendesk platform. Whenever you encounter any issues, you just have to contact support for technical assistance and your queries are answered inside an hour. 
    8. When using Betternet++, your privacy is not compromised at any cost even when responding to court orders. Any of your logs, ports, IPs, timestamps or user information is not saved at all. So, even when legal notices are being satisfied, none of the user data is disclosed to authorities.

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    Well, that’s probably enough to deciding on using Betternet ++ as your ultimate VPN choice. If you agree, let’s get into the installation process.

    Installing Betternet ++ on iOS 10

    Why Use Betternet++ And How To Install It On iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

    So, here are the steps that you need to follow for installing Bettrenet++ on your iOS 10 device without having to Jailbreak it.

    1. To start the process, you will need Betternet++ IPA file. It will be helpful for installing the app on your device without even opening your device’s App Store. Download IPA file online first and then move to the next step.

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    1. Once you have the IPA file, you can now easily install Betternet ++ on your iOS 10. There are a couple of options you have for down that depending on your device. These are:
      1. With Xcode 7 or Greater (Mac)
      2. With Cydia Impactor (Windows/Mac)
    2. Once you have Betternet++ installed on your device, you now need to open Settings on your iOS 10 and make sure that the system trusts your new installation. In Settings go to General and the Profiles.
    3. Now located profile that is assigned to Betternet ++ and tap it. On the next page that opens, you will be able to see some detailed info about the profile. Here you will also see an option that says Trust Installation. Just tap on it and confirm.

    So, that’s all about it. You have installed the Betternet++ app on your iOS 10 device and it is set to be trusted by the system as well. Just launch it now and enjoy start browsing anonymously.

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