Apple Music iOS 9 – Best Cydia Tweaks To Help You Make Your Experience Better

    Apple Music is one of the popular native apps that are known to the iOS users. Just as Apple does with all its major firmware updates, Apple Music iOS 9 received a redesign and was rebranded when the firmware version was released. However, many iOS users are still not receptive to this idea and in the mean time, with release of iOS 10, the looks got different altogether. However, if you’re enjoying a jailbreak experience on your iOS device, then there are quite a few Cydia tweaks that you can use with Apple Music to get the good old functionality back and make things look familiar. These tweaks allow for partially reverting back to old app and enjoy features removed by Apple.

    Best Cydia Tweaks For Apple Music iOS 9

    So, let’s take a look at some of the best tweaks out there that you can use to enjoy a better experience on Apple Music.

    1. Erato

    You can find many Cydia jailbreak tweaks for bypassing the limited skips you have on Spotify and Pandora. Besides, these tweaks allow for app modification and removing ads as well. You can enjoy these same functionalities on Apple Music with Erato tweak. It allows you to handle unlimited skips. It even allows for hiding a few features to avoid any kind of nuisance. If you want to know what specific features come with Erato, here they are:

    • Hiding Connect tab
    • Hiding arrow on the album art view when playing
    • No limit on Radio Skipping
    • Hiding status bar when playing music
    • Hiding recently played

    There are many more features along the list and all of them are aimed at giving you a better Apple Music iOS 9 experience.

    1. MusicMod

    You don’t get additional features with MusicMod like the case with the first tweak on the list. Rather, it enhances your experience by simply removing elements that may cause disturbance in your Apple Music experience. You can use it for:

    • Hiding Radio, Connect, and the ‘For You’ tabs
    • Hiding now playing arrow
    • Hiding radio stations played recently
    • Disabling background blur
    • Remembering song & app position in the last session
    • Hiding status bar both in entire app and now playing window

    MusicMod-Apple Music iOS 9 - Best Cydia Tweaks T


    So, if your intention is to make the look of your Apple Music iOS 9 more neat and nice then MusicModis the way to go. Just install it for a clean and customized Music experience.

    1. Erebus

    If you love to use Apple Music in dark mode then Erebus is the tweak that can allow you to do that. But it’s not like the other packages available on Cydia offering ‘dark mode’ as it was designed particularly for the stock Apple Music app. In addition, if you have any of the above mentioned tweaks installed on your device, Erebus doesn’t really have a problem with that either. You can download it from BigBoss repository on Cydia and can configure your desired settings and colors after enabling the tweak.

    1. Audicy

    If you have always used iTunes for importing music, video and audio to your iOS device then rest assured that it’s not the only option available to you. You can find quite a few different alternatives that work even better. In fact, Audicy is one of these tweaks as it allows for importing media files to your iPhone/iPad without having to use iTunes.

    You can now easily control the Music app, download your favorite music/videos and directly import them as well. That can be quite helpful as you may like to watch movies or listen to your favorite music offline. The ultimate goal behind the use of Audicy tweak is getting iTunes out of the equation and not requiring iOS users to connect to the computer.

    How You Can Get Audicy To Your iPhone?

    Here are a few simple steps to get Audicyfor Apple Music iOS 9.

    1. Launch Cydia on your device
    2. Search for Audicy and buy it for $2.99
    3. Tap the Install button after the purchase and then wait
    4. Now, respring the iPhone/iPad

    You can now launch Audicyfrom home screen of your iOS device. Importing music or videos to your iOS device can also be done through different other options as well. For instance, you can use YouTube++ app for downloading the videos from YouTube which you can then import to the Video or Music app.

    So, these are a few Apple Music iOS 9 tweaks that can prove to be helpful for enjoying a perfect experience on your iOS device. Just check them out and enjoy using Apple Music iOS 9 the way you want.

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