Apple Plans on Giving iOS 15 Users Free Access To Additional iCloud Storage Temporarily For Setting Up Their New Devices

    We have an official confirmation from Apple that they’ll be introducing a new feature to allow users access to iCloud storage to host a big system backup while they are transitioning to a new device. This temporary iCloud storage will be available for free.

    iCloud users generally get 5GB of free iCloud storage, but that’s not enough for many people to create a complete backup of their iPhone/iPad.

    iOS 15 is set to bring a new feature where Apple allows users to claim free space on iCloud temporarily for up to 3 weeks to set up their new devices.

    “Now when you buy a new device you can use iCloud Backup to move your data to your new device, even if you’re low on storage. iCloud will grant you as much storage as you need to complete a temporary backup, free of charge, for up to three weeks. This allows you to get all your apps, data, and settings onto your device automatically.”

    This announcement came with the new iCloud+, renaming the paid tiers of iCloud that are also expected to include custom domain support, Hide My Email, and a Private Relay feature like VPN.

    Apple will give users access to all this with the arrival of the new iOS 15 this fall. Currently, it is available in the developer beta versions and the public beta is expected to be available by next month.

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