Apple Releases AirPods Pro Firmware Version 2D15

    Today, Apple has released its latest version for the AirPods Pro firmware which is now available to general users. This new updated version is called the 2D15.

    firmare update

    Previously, the AirPods users were either using 2B588 or 2C54.

    The latter came out towards the end of last year and subsequently it was removed from the update servers of Apple due to its impact on the performance of AirPods Pro active noise cancellation feature. Those who faced the problem have long been waiting as this new update has arrived after months.

    firmare update1

    Even though the update has not been officially revealed and there isn’t any official statement on its offerings, what we expect is that it will offer performance improvements and the bug fixe – that was causing the ANC issue. In fact, we haven’t yet given it a try either, but make sure that you share your experience with us in the comments if you’ve taken it for a spin.

    The AirPods and AirPods Pro cannot allow for the firmware to be updated manually, however. It is updated automatically when you put your earbuds in the charging case while it is charging as well. Your iPad or iPhone to which your AirPods are paired must also be placed somewhere close to these and should be charging as well. When these conditions are met, the firmware will be updated automatically.

    airpods-pro firmare update

    This new update isn’t likely to bring anything new and will only fix the mentioned problem. That’s not pretty likely considering the way Apple is moving ahead right now.

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