Apple Set To Bring 13” MacBook Air With Retina Display And New iPad Pros With 18W USB-C Fast Charging Next Month

    Apple seems to be getting busy in last quarter of the year. Even if you put those three new iPhones that Apple will be releasing next month aside, the rumors continue to float that the smartphone manufacturer will be coming up with a new notebook and redesigned iPad Pro models at least.

    Now, if all this happens then the next three months will be really big for Apple across most of the product lines it offers.

    While there have been rumors floating around for quite some time about new MacBooks as well as MacBook Airs, including the reports that suggest we’re soon going to have MacBook Air with Retina Display, DigiTimes brings the latest on this topic claiming that Apple is going to announce a new model for Macbook in this last quarter of the year and that its price will be $1200. This new Macbook is expected to come equipped with a 14-nanometer Kabylake CPU from Intel because there have been continued delays associated to new 10-nm chips.

    Rumors have been afloat that Apple is going to come up with a budget notebook and it would be fair to assume that this $1200 Macbook wouldn’t be a match. So, that means, another MacBook Air kind of machine will be introduced at $1000 but we can’t be certain of anything until it is actually made to come to the scene.

    As for the announcements, it is also believed by DigiTimes that we’ll see a ‘launch schedule’ announcement in September for highly anticipated AirPower charger. This wireless charging hub is expected to provide a solution to users for charging their AirPods, Apple Watch and iPhones simultaneously and was first announced almost a year back. As for pricing, the reports suggest it’s going to be something around $190 but will potentially be closer to $159 mark.

    Besides other news on AirPower and the MacBook announcement, DigiTimes suggests that we can also expect to see latest iPad Pro models coming up as well with 18-watt USB-C charger allowing for quicker power delivery. Rumors about latest iPad Pro models have constantly been there and there’s no reason not to believe them. If you want to compare, the currently available iPads come with only 1ow-12w power supplies.

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