Beats Solo 3 Wireless Mickey Mouse Headphones Launched By Apple

    If you think some high-end audio company should combine with Disney to come up with something special, you really have something great waiting for you. Disney and Beats by Dre have been working closely together for releasing new products and that’s what has lead to the release of this special edition Beats Solo 3 wireless headphone that features an iconic sticker of Mickey Mouse.

    Yes, this collaboration between the big names should not be too surprising for anyone and it actually includes artist-focused campaign featuring rapper Lil Yachty for appealing to the massive youth of today who have all grown up with Beats by Dre and Disney.

    Here we have something been mirrored by the rapper and it, probably, shows why makes the best choice for such a campaign:

    “Disney and Music are made for each other, now they’ve just come up with perfect headphones that will serve as an outlet and will be their representation. I’m honored to be given the opportunity to be in this collaboration;  As I grew up, I’ve been watching Disney and also using the Beats Headphones. I have the chance to represent both of them now and it’s unreal.”

    Talking about the product, this Solo3 wireless headphone from Beats is very much the same as standard edition of this product. The performance and all its underlying hardware remains the same with no changes whatsoever and it’s just the branding that has changed as we now have Mickey Mouse printed all over the headphone to make it look more catchy and appealing. This is something that would catch the fancy of anyone who has been the fan of Mickey Mouse character throughout his/her childhood.

    So, if you’ve been in love with this iconic cartoon character that you’ve grew up with, you should definitely consider buying these new headphones. Furthermore, every purchase of this Mickey Mouse branded headphone will get custom carrying case, custom 90th-anniversary pin and a beautiful themed decal for celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90 years.

    As far as the original product is concerned, it gained immense popularity among the masses courtesy its amazing audio out, integrated Apple W1 chip that allows for easy connecting and switching between the devices, and its wireless nature obviously. The special edition Beats Solo3 hardware from Apple can be bought through Disney, Apple, and Best Buy and the sales will begin November 11th. Pre-orders are also currently on offer from Amazon and the price tag mentions $330 per piece.

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